Better Sex

Women & Orgasms

Did you know that 10% of women never have an orgasm? It is true and many more have orgasms less often. This is not always an indication that your man is not a stallion in the sack. The ability to reach that exciting climax depends of many factors. We thought we would touch base on some of those things and possibly present the issue that might be keeping you from exploding on the scene during sexual intercourse.


Let’s face the fact that stress is a part of living. The hustle and bustle of life can take its toll on you mentally and physically. The mental aspects of love making are very important to the end results. If minds and bodies are stressed women may not be able to trigger that release. It is best to enjoy sexual relations when you are more relaxed. Although there are those who believe that sex is a stress reducer that really depends on the situation. If you are stressed beause you don’t think you are going to have an orgasm then more stress is added to the encounter. Be mentally prepared!


There is little doubt that technique is important to the sexual encounter as well and may determine whether or not an orgasm will be obtained. For whatever reason some women find it hard to climax through intercourse alone. Therefore, you can ride your man like he is a wild stallion and still not guarantee an orgasm. If you want to increase your opportunities for an orgasm then you or your man should rub your clitoris during sexual intercourse. The extra stimulation can be very beneficial and provide the release you are looking for in the activity.


For some women lubricants and stimulating scents can add to the moment and increase their chances of an orgasm. There are many products out there that can make your sex life more enjoyable and enhance your opportunities for a great climax.

The Climax

Listen, every woman is different. Women normally need to feel something special. The mood has to be right. Most men just need a place and the opportunity. Women are stimulated by many factors that come together to create the ideal environment for a stimulating climax.

As a woman you should make every effort to create the environment you need and your man should be considerate enough to help you get there. Simply because you are not reaching climax does not make you any less a woman or your lover and less of a man. Eating right, exercising regularly, being in the right frame of mind and using sexual enhancement techniques can provide you with more energy, increase your stamina and lead to more orgasms for you.