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Going Green With Your Sex Life

Concerns over our environment have grown over recent years and the desire to Go Green has never been stronger. You may be asking what Going Green has to do with your sex life. The truth is there are many things we can do in our every day lives that can benefit the environment and sex is one of them. Most people enjoy having sex and a proportionate amount of people feel better about themselves when they do something they know is helping the environment. Every little effort helps for those people that care about being Eco-friendly.

We are going to talk about some things you can do that can enhance the sexual mood; while benefiting the environment as well. Let’s start with the use of candles. Many people light candles to enhance the romantic mood and that is a good thing. However, it is important that you use candles that won’t harm the atmosphere. Use Eco-friendly candles made out of beeswax, palm oil or soy that are produced locally. Do not use candles that are simply another source of burning fossil fuel into the environment. You may not believe this will help, but keep in mind that candles are a multi billion dollar industry every year so it is better to burn Eco-friendly candles than those that will create climate change.

The use of energy is a big concern in the Eco-friendly world. If you want to Go Green you can conserve energy while creating some energy during sex. Making love by a fireplace is quite romantic to many people. You can turn your thermostat down and heat your bodies up with some aggressive sexual activity. Every time you turn that thermostat down you are conserving energy so lay down in front of your fireplace or get under your covers and have some fun producing some heat of your own.

It is good to smell sexy because our scents have a lot to do with sexual desire, but it is important to avoid petroleum based perfumes. Use natural scents like jasmine, sandalwood and cedarwood to set the mood. Use more flowers and natural scented products to create a romantic atmosphere. It is also essential that we use naturally organic lubricants for sexual activity that do not contain glycerin and paraben. Take the time to find lubricants that are Eco-friendly.

Many couples enhance their sexual relationships with a variety of sex toys. This can be very rewarding, but if you want to Go Green and be Eco-friendly use sex toys that are green in nature. There are many sex toys on the market that are produced with questionable toxic materials since the market is not regulated. You can buy solar powered vibrators and use other natural materials that will not harm the environment or you and your partner.

Going Green with your sexual activities does take a little more effort on your part, but in the end every little bit is said to help. Enjoying sex is important to a healthy relationship and being Eco-friendly may very well be important to the world in which we live. Why not pursue options that might benefit both in the long run? Whether you are using Eco-friendly condoms or conserving energy while warming up in sexual activity; Going Green may be easier than you think.