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5 Ways To Ignite Your Sexual Relationship!

Do you sometimes feel that your sexual relationship lacks the excitement it once presented? If your sexual encounter with your husband or long time lover isn’t exactly full of sparks and fireworks you are not alone. The important thing to remember is that just because things have slowed down in the sex department; this does not mean you and your partner have any less feelings for each other.

As we get older our brains release a chemical known as oxytocin, which is often referred to as the cuddle hormone. This chemical causes us to relax and become more comfortable with our sexual partners reducing the stress typically observed by those first trying to set an example in bed.

All you need to do to ignite those sexual sparks again is to find ways to cause the explosion. Here are 5 ways that you can ignite your sexual relationship:

1. One of the first things you want to do is determine if your boredom in the bedroom has anything to do with your Libido. If your sex drive is low than you are fighting an up hill battle to achieve that explosion of fireworks you are seeking. You can discuss this with your doctor or there is a ton of libido enhancement products online.

2. If you want your sexual relationship to be exciting then you need to be in the right frame of mind. Make the effort to talk erotically to each other. You can read erotic stories to one another or talk about erotic stories together. Anything you can do to jazz up the atmosphere and enhance the mood can set those emotions on fire and deliver the sparks.

3. One of the ways you can make the sexual encounter more thrilling is with sex toys. These items are not as taboo as they were decades ago. They are becoming more common and they can make a difference. The sexual encounter is all about reaching that powerful climax we all want to achieve. That result is reached both mentally and physically. Some erotic sex toys might give your relationship the lift off it needs.

4. Sometimes it is the simple things you do that provides the ignition your sexual relationship needs. Simply taking off your clothes and holding each other can often provide the spark you need. Take off your clothes erotically and then caress each other making every touch count.

5. It is always a good thing to attempt to stay in good shape and take care of yourself for your partner. Sometimes this is easier said then done, but it is vital that you feel good about yourself. Remember that your partner loves you for who you are and do not allow the stress of not being a super model bring your sexual relationship down.

There are many things you can do to re-ignite your sexual relationships. Sometimes you just need to think outside the box. Go out and do exciting and aggressive things together prior to the sexual encounter or go out and watch a good romantic film that puts you in the mood. Put yourself in the right frame of mind and approach the sexual relationship with an open mind and you will begin to see those fireworks once again.