Better Sex

Sex Should Not End When Your Baby Is Born


One of the biggest complaints new parents bring to the forefront in therapy is that they don’t seem to enjoy as much sex after the newborn enters their lives. Although many admit that the new baby does strengthen their bonds emotionally, their sexual needs don’t always get addressed. Here are some of the things a couple can do to recharge their sex life after a new baby is born.

Get Your Rest

Although sleep may appear to be hard to come by it is vital that you get all the rest you can. A good time to catch a few winks is when the baby in taking their nap. No matter how tired you are, if you really want any chance of enjoying sex with your partner, it is imperative that you find a way to get past the stress and show them you are still excited about hooking up.

Don’t Be Weighed Down By Your Weight

It is normal to gain weight during the pregnancy and it is also normal to feel like you don’t look sexy to your husband, but you can’t let the weight weigh you down. With some dedication that weight will be worked off. Your husband should love you for who you are and he is may be much more attracted to you than you give him credit.

Communication 101

I keep repeating this, but it is that important. Communicate your feelings to your husband and ask him to communicate honestly with you as well. Your bond will be even stronger if you communicate in a positive manner at every opportunity.

Set The Scene

Let your partner know throughout the day by email or text that you are in the mood. Foreplay can be extended by simply putting each other in the mood long before the sexual encounter even begins. Most of us are not mind readers and we need to know our partner is up for the activity. A little romantic foreplay can go a long way in setting up that sexual encounter.

Make It Happen

Our lives are busy and hectic, we get that. There is the stress brought on by work and the bills that need to be paid. Spontaneous sex does not always seem like a given. Don’t be afraid to plan your sexual encounter. Let someone watch the baby for a while and take advantage of the moment. As long as you lead up to the sexual encounter properly the sexual anticipation can be just as powerful.

The Final Word

The newborn baby in your life requires much of your focus and attention and that is okay. However, you cannot afford to allow the relationship with your spouse to fade. Make time for each other. If you don’t have time for intercourse than enjoy oral sex. Touch each other when the moment is right to show each other you are still interested.

If you really want to enjoy sex with your partner than you will find a way to make the time. Do it while the baby is napping, just do it. Sex does not need to end with the introduction of your new bundle of joy. Put all of your worries on hold and enjoy your next sexual encounter.