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The Benefits of Planning Sex


Okay, I know all about the spontaneous sex thing and how spur of the moment sex is key to the ultimate connection blah, blah, blah. It is time to look at our sexual relationships from an entirely different angle. Married couples or couples with intensely busy schedules might find it a little harder to find the perfect time for that spontaneous connect.

We plan everything else in our busy lives. We plan vacations, television viewing, night outs and even the meals we eat. Why not schedule our sexual time as well. There can be something a little sexy about anticipating the planned time and getting yourself prepared for the big game so to speak. We prepare ourselves for other things. We can prepare ourselves for the big sexual connection too.

Think Outside The Box

Sometimes we have to think outside the box in today’s fast paced society. You don’t need to plan your next sexual episode down to the minute. We don’t want to say we got to first base at such and such a time and second base at such and such a time and so on, but we can say we are going to have sex on Wednesday at some point so be prepared.

You can still use sexual toys, role playing and a variety of other options to enhance the sexual moment. Sexual enhancement is as much about being prepared mentally as it is physically. As in life itself attitude is 90% of the game. You can plan the day and then plan exactly how you are going to enhance the sexual event.

Final Word

The worst thing you can do as a couple is allow your busy life schedule prevent you from having fun and exciting sex with the one you love and lust for. Keep the relationship alluring and satisfying by planning sexual connections that will linger in your hearts and minds for days to come. Rekindle that spirit and get that libido pumping. Sex is like life itself. It is what you make of it and what you are willing to put into it. Here is hoping your next sexual encounter will be better than the last. Get the most out of your sexual relationship now.