Better Sex

Loving The Lubricants

For some lovers the sexual encounter can be a very dry experience and I don’t mean just boring. A dry Virgina can lead to a less than pleasing and satisfying experience and that is why sexual lubricants are becoming so popular.

Recent studies have concluded that most of the people studied confessed that lubricants enhanced their sexual activity. Both in the sexual encounter experienced more pleasure and satisfaction when the right lubricant was applied prior to sex.

Plenty of Lubricant Options

Determining that lubricants are a sexual enhancer was the easy part, the hard part is choosing the type that will float your boat or tickle your pickle. There are silicone-based, water-based, oil-based, and water-based cream lubricants on the market. Each offer their own pros and cons. Some are flavored for your enjoyment and others are designed to offer a warming sensation. There is something for everyone.

The Final Word

As with all sexual enhancement products it is necessary for each individual to determine what is in their price range and what meets their needs. What tastes good to another may taste nasty to you. In addition, some lubricants actually fail to provide some women with the lubrication they need. My advice is to explore your options carefully and find the the sexual lubricant that will take the dryness out of your next sexual encounter.