Better Sex

Quit Having Sex and Start Making Love

Having sex with someone we love or are attracted to is a natural desire. All of us are wired for sex, but our approaches to it set us apart. The act of sex can be extremely enjoyable and the possibilities pertaining to sexual enhancement are endless. In the modern world of information technology there are no shortage of sex tips designed to boost sexual prowess. Everyone is focused on bringing their “A” game, but in the midst of all the excitement are we losing sight of the key elements that bond us?

The Difference Between Sex and Making Love

I have been asked many times if there is a difference between having sex and making love. For many sex is a physical connection that results in a pleasurable gain. Many women in long term relationships are turned off because they come to believe their man only cares about sex. As a man in a long term relationship I can vouch for the fact that sex is very important to me too. However, most women in the long term relationship are looking for more. They enjoy sex too, but many expect the emotional attachment that should go with it.

Women Want To Be Made Love To

Sex for the sake of sex is nothing more than a physical act of satisfaction, but when you make love to a women you are sharing emotions in combination with body fluids. Most women want to be made love to. They want you to show them upfront that you love them, want to be with them and that the sexual act is simply a culmination to the love you have for her. I can tell you right now, if you are not kissing her you’re not making love. Kissing, fondling, touching and embracing are all steadfast requirements in the art of making love.

The Loving Touch

Stroking her hair, massaging her shoulders to relieve stress or rubbing her feet to make her relax are all part of the love making process. Many women claim to have a headache or find other reasons to shy away from sex because they tend to feel like your sexual toy. Show her that you love her. The next time you get into bed with sex on your mind don’t attempt to have sex with her, but instead make love to her. Cuddle up to her and hold her. Whisper in her ears the things you love about her. Convince her that you need to be close to her and validate it by looking for ways to ease her stress, boost her desire and build the excitement.

Final Word

I cannot encourage you enough to quit having sex and to start making love. Do not make your desire for sex to seem automatic. Don’t allow her to think that sex is all you care about. Show her that the bonding is as pleasurable as the orgasms you hope to create. You can open the gate to her sexual desire, bring down the walls of defense and take average sex to an entirely different level of satisfaction. Sharing your love through sexual bonding is a goal worth pursuing.