Better Sex

10 Words of Wisdom for the Bedroom

There are many myths and truths when it comes to activity in the bedroom. What works for some may not work for others. Studies continue to explore what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong in the sack. Here are 12 Words of Wisdom for the bedroom that may just provide more opportunities for sexual enjoyment between the sheets.

1. Masturbate as often as you like – Masturbation is actually a good thing. It is an excellent stress reducer and it introduces the possibility of exploring your own sexual persona.

2. Explore the bedroom possibilities – Don’t be afraid to change it up a bit. Anyone will get bored if you have sex in the same position, at the same time for decades. Explore something new from time to time as long it is comfortable for both of you.

3. Climaxing together is a rarity – Most couples would love to climax at the same time. Although it does occur, it is rare and typically less than 15% of the time. Don’t stress yourself out trying to climax together. Instead concentrate on making your partner have the best orgasm ever.

4. Put that vibrator to work – There are some women who seem to think that using a vibrator will make it harder to climax during sex with their partner. This is not true, so get good use out of that vibrator every chance you get.

5. Don’t fake it – Don’t fake orgasms. It misleads your partner and makes him believe he is doing something good when he is not. Teach him to do what it takes to make you reach a real orgasm. Men want to satisfy their women and most would like to do it honestly.

6. It is okay to plan sex – Sure there is something to be said for spontaneous sex, but planning sex is okay in this era when our lives are so hectic. Anticipation of the moment is still a good thing and both can be prepared to give it their all.

7. Don’t concentrate on quantity – It is not how much sex you have, but how well you have it. Enjoy sex when you can and work hard to make it memorable.

8. Thinking about sex – Men think about sex twice as much about sex than women, but women on the average still think about sex 10 times a day.

9. Clean that bedroom – A clean bedroom is more relaxing and therefore sets the proper mood for a good romp in the sack.

10. Forget the shop talk – Don’t talk about stressful topics in the bedroom. It is a big downer and sets the wrong mood for sexual success.

The Final Word

Hopefully these words of wisdom will help you in the bedroom or at least shed some light on some of the subjects. It is important that you and your partner do the things necessary to enhance your sexual relationship as much as possible. Find out what makes both of you happy and do it. You can also take the unselfish route and do things for your partner that are simply enjoyable for them. Get on the same page and both of you can enjoy sex to the fullest.