5 Things Women Look For In their Men

What do women look for in their man? Although it can be said that every woman is attracted to certain variables; it is also safe to say many share similar attractions. Some of these attractions can be achieved with minimal effort, but some may linger beyond your control. Read on to gain some valuable insight into the mysterious minds of women and see what you can do to make yourself more attractive and desirable. Here are some of the things women are looking for in their men:

1. Confidence – Women want their men to be confident. Confidence is very sexy and makes women feel more safe and secure. There is a difference between confidence and arrogance. Each man must approach this in their own way.

2. Money – Financial security is important to most women. They want to know their man can provide them with a comfortable future. No woman wants to struggle in poverty regardless how handsome you think you are or how good you think you are in the bedroom.

3. Height – Many women prefer tall men. Studies have shown tall men tend to make more money, but there are some short men who would beg to differ.

4. Humor – The ability to make your woman laugh can be very attractive. Work on your sense of humor, but don’t force it.

5. Sight and Smell – The bottom line is women want a man that looks good and smells good as well. Good hygiene is essential. Women are attracted to a man that takes great care of his body,


I can hear some men stating defiantly that women should be attracted to them for who they are. This stance can be taken, but it may not always be successful. As a man you need to make an effort to be attractive to the woman you desire. Of course this should go both ways. Both men and women should seek to bring their best in order to be attractive to their prospective partner.

Confidence is essential in all aspects of life. The ability to provide financial security should not be too much to ask. Whatever your height is do your best to carry it well. Make her laugh and take care of yourself physically. Do all these things and you are more likely to be attractive to a women.