Better Sex

Making Your Orgasms Explosive

People say they have sex for many reasons. Some say they enjoy that emotional bond. Others say they do it because it feels good. There are even those that says it relieves stress. However, let’s face it; most people are in it for that powerful orgasm that takes their breath away. It is understood that not every orgasm is the same so how can you achieve those powerful orgasms that leave you breathless?

Many things must be taken into consideration if you want to have that climatic explosion that leaves your eyes glassed over and your heart beating out of control. Some women need a little extra clitoral stimulation to bring on the big event; while others are inspired by soft music and candlelight. As a lover it is important that you know what puts you over the edge sexually and also what gets your partners motor running as well.

The importance of foreplay cannot be overlooked. A volcano does not just explode. A volcanic eruption takes time and it builds up slowly until the climatic event is reached. It is also essential that you stay focused on the sexual encounter. If you allow your mind to wander to the stressful events of the day it will take away from the full impact of your orgasm; if it is even reached at all.

If you want a powerful orgasm you have to prepare for it. Some women drift into a sexual fantasy that enhances the moment. Studies have shown that it can take women up to 20 minutes to achieve orgasm and that time must be well spent. Don’t rush into intercourse. Make sure you are gearing up for the ultimate explosion. Wait until the moment you know you are close and then allow your man to go for broke and your orgasm will be instantly enhanced.

It is also important to make love in the best position for your clitoral stimulation. Try a position that allows you or your mate to rub your clitoris while you are engaged in intercourse. There are many ways that you can build up to that ultimate explosion. All it takes is an open mind and the effort to know what works for you and what works for your partner.