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5 Expectations Women Look For in the Bedroom

Perhaps it can be said that everyone enters a sexual relationship with certain expectations. Each individual is different and what drives their sexual desire can be just as varied. A long time conception has been that women are too hard to figure out and that the process of completely pleasing them might be in vain. Is it true that women enter sex with expectations that cannot be adhered to by the average male? Recent research now suggests that women do have high expectations, but that they are not unreachable. Once again it comes down to communication. The woman has to let her partner know what she wants and the partner must be dedicated to answering her needs.

Here are 5 expectations many women have shared about their needs in the bedroom:

1. Respond to her needs – Many women are looking for partners who know how to follow directions. Women know what pleases them and if the partner listens closely they will follow her lead and take the appropriate steps to achieve the climatic results.

2. Be an explorer – Many women want men to explore their entire body. Some partners may believe that there are only a few popular areas that bring pleasure to a women. Although no one woman is the same; many have stated that there are numerous sensuous locations that can drive desire and they want explorers that are willing to find them.

3. Talking dirty – It may come as a surprise to some men, but many women like to hear dirty talk in the bedroom too. Some women may think this makes them look less attractive, but libido is commonly enhanced by partners engaging in naughty conversation during the act of sex. Many women want their partner to tell them straight out what they intend to do and then do go all out to make it happen.

4. Sexual communication – Many women want their partners to let them know what is driving their sexual desire as well. They want their partners to let them know what is working and what is not. They want to see the body language, facial expressions and verbal confirmation that their partner is being turned on too.

5. Show passion – There are plenty of women who rank raw passion as one of their biggest expectations in the bedroom. They want their partners to kiss them hard and show them how much they want them. They are looking for a confident lover who is not afraid to be driven by their passion in the lovemaking process.

Of course these are not the only expectations out there. Every women is different and are driven by a wide range of desires. However, a few of these may be on you or your partners expectation list. The key here is to know your partner and to understand what they are looking for in the bedroom relationship. Keep the lines of communication open and both of you will benefit from the process.