Better Sex

Get Your Sex Life Up and Running

A recent study has suggested that couples that run together enjoy better sexual relationships. The study was taken on 1000 running enthusiasts and two thirds indicated that they had better sex with the partners that they ran with on a regular basis. Who would have thought that running was a libido enhancer? However, when you think about it, running does get your adrenaline pumping and releases the arousal chemical endorphins into the brain. The fact that you can run side by side and check out your partner in the process; it becomes a little more clear how running could be sexual enhancement process.

It is suggested that people who run on a consistent basis feel better about their bodies and when you feel better about yourself it is much more likely that you will feel better about sex. When people are unhappy with the way they look naked it sucks the life out of their libido. You begin to think there is no way your partner could still desire you when you don’t like the way you look.

Although running could very well boost your libido and lead to a better sexual relationship with your running partner it does not have to be the only activity to do so. If you exercise regularly with your partner it could deliver the same results. Do things together that get your adrenaline pumping. Go hiking, dancing, biking or take up kickboxing together. There are many things you can do to enhance your libido with your partner, mold a better body you can be proud of, and take care of your health all at the same time.