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A Man and His Condom

What is it with a man and his condom? Men just don’t seem to want to bond with their condoms and that can be a problem for all involved depending on the situation. The thing is many men feel like wearing a condom is like wearing socks to bed. Although wearing socks to bed might be okay in the middle of winter when the heater is on the blink; in most cases it does not feel very comfortable. The same applies to the condom in most men’s mind.

Men are into sex to enjoy it as well and the suggestion always seems to be that too much of the enjoyment is subsided by the condom. Therefore, many men look for ways to get out of wearing a condom if at all possible. They even scheme to find ways to get around wearing them when possible. If men can get out of it they will. It is up to the women to lay down the law and let their prospective partners know from the start where they stand on the condom issue.

Many men will try to tell you that there is nothing to worry about; that they are clean and free of any diseases. As a women, unless you are a medical specialist, you cannot believe this by observance alone. Just because it looks clean does not meant that it is. The woman needs to remind the male that condoms are also used to avoid pregnancy and that she insists on it being used.

Women should not rely on the man to have a condom in his wallet. Keep a few on hand yourself so that they cannot use the excuse they forgot theirs at home. Don’t let the man rush you when desire is at it’s peak. Stick by your guns and don’t give in as he whispers sweet nothings in your ear. Studies have shown that sex can be just as enjoyable with condoms as without.

Some men like to use the trust issue. They say if you want them to use a condom that you don’t trust them. The women needs to ensure them that the issue has nothing to do with trust. As a women you have the power to insist that your partner uses a condom for whatever reason that drives you. If the man wants to have sex with you he will respect your wishes. Be open with him from the start and let him know your expectations. Don’t let the issues between a man and his condom prevent you from having safe sex that you can enjoy with peace of mind.