Better Sex

Better Sex For Married Couples

Many married couples live fairly hectic lives. In many cases the husband and wife are both working. In addition, they are trying to keep the household running smoothly and raising happy and healthy children. It is easy to feel like there is not enough time in a day for anything; including sex.

Life can be hectic indeed, but time can still be made for the things we enjoy and that includes sex. If married couples want to have better sex in their hustle-bustle lives they must make the effort to achieve it. Couples must create time designed for their needs and take positive actions that will boost the sexual opportunities.

Here are some things married couples should do if they want to enjoy better sex:

Want it – Don’t make sex a chore. Do it because you want it. Sex should not be an obligation; it should be something both in the couple enjoy and desire.

Lubrication – Sex can be better when lubrication is used. There are many on the market to choose from and they can make the sexual encounter go smoothly and be more pleasureable.

Set a time for sex – I know there is something to be said about spontaneous sex, but busy lives call for planning. In today’s world one must think outside the box and be innovative. This pertains to better sex as well.

Build the excitement – Don’t just plan it, but build up to it. Leave sexy messages for each other. Hint at the moment to come. Flirt about the encounter and really build the anticipation.

Make the first move – I have mentioned this before, but it does effect many sex lives. The female should not expect the male to always initiate the sexual encounter. This pattern will very easily send the wrong signal. The man will feel like the women is not interested and has to be prompted to engage.

Final Thoughts

The married couple, like any couple, must be willing to pursue better sex with vigor. All the emotions, desires and pleasures that make sex so enjoyable should be explored and played to. Don’t allow the opportunities for better sex to become elusive. Married couples can have better sex too.