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Interesting Sex Facts We Thought We Would Share


A variety of studies have been conducted with men and women to obtain sexual opinion over the years. From those studies have come some pretty interesting sex facts that may or may not sound strange to some. Here are just a few that might surprise you.

1. The entire world could be re-populated to the equivalent of today’s population with the sperm count in a single aspirin bottle.

2. During her ovulation period a woman is more apt to engage in adultery.

3. A Caucasian woman with a college degree is more apt to participate in anal sex.

4. A whopping 75% of males ejaculate 3 moments after penetration.

5. Experts have suggested that as good as Valium is as a tranquillizer, sex is 10 times better.

6. 70% of people from both sexes admitted to thinking about another partner during sex.

7. Over half of wives that commit adultery do so with men that are married as well.

8. Most women feel more comfortable engaging in sexual activity in darkness.

9. When it comes to physiological responses the sneeze and the orgasm are the only ones that can’t be stopped voluntarily once they have begun.

10. The penis has around 4,000 nerve fibres. The clitoris has a whopping 8,000.

Final Thought

There are many more sex facts where these came from and we will be sure to share more with you in the future. Although no study is 100% conclusive; we thought these little tidbits would provide you with some food for thought. Until the next time may your sex life be everything you want it to be.