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Low Libido Confuses Emotions In The Relationship

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has said to me that their partner seemed to lack interest in their sexual relationship. It can cause serious problems for couples because they confuse lack of sex drive with lack of interest and this is typically not the case at all.

Why is My Partner Not Attracted To Me?

I hear this so much and have even ask the question myself on occasion. It is very easy to take responses out of context or miss the hidden intent. Unfortunately, we are not always on the same page emotionally, mentally or physically. This is a problem that occurs with young couples and old. In many cases our desires and expectations are not the same. Your partner can be very attracted to you, but for whatever reason lack the sex drive to act upon those desires.


Although there are some people who are simply lazy and are waiting for their partner to initiate sex; many others are struggling with emotional and physical issues beyond their control. Hormones could be imbalanced or testosterone levels could be low. Everything from stress to past emotional experiences can lead to low sex drive.


Anyone that has read my blogs know that I harp on communication. Well, I am about to harp on it again. If one in the relationship seems to be lacking in sex drive then it should be discussed and dealt with in a supportive manner. The problem needs to be brought out in the open. The problem could be easily corrected with honest and heartfelt communication.


Just because your partner seems disoriented in sex with you does not indicate they don’t love you or want to make love to you. Take the time to talk to your partner and work as a couple to solve the issue. Be patient and understanding. There are options out there for improving low sex drive. Don’t let low libido ruin your sex life. Find the answers together and build a better sexual relationship for the future.