Better Sex

5 Areas Men Love To Be Touched

There are probably numerous areas that men love to be touched prior to and during sex, but we have chosen 5 that seem to be very popular. If you want to help lead your man to a more powerful explosion than touching these sensual areas can do the trick.

1. The Neck – The neck has long been a good starting point when initiating sex. Kissing and nibbling at the neck can be very sensual. The hot air against the neck can send arousal skyrocketing.

2. The Ear – The ear has always been a hot arousal spot. Some men will shiver as your hot air blows into their ear. They will enjoy your tongue twirling in and out  and some nibbling on the ear lobe. This is a great way to build sexual excitement.

3. The Feet – Many women love it when men touch their feet. Well, many men love it when their feet is touched as well. Just a little rubbing and massaging will help get your man in the mood.

4. The Buttocks – Many men like to massage their women’s buttocks and they love theirs to be massaged as well. This is especially the case during the sex act itself. Allow your hands to explore his buttock area and you may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

5. The Perineum – This is the area located between the anus and the testicles. If you can massage this area with your fingers during oral sex or sexual intercourse it can lead to a very explosive orgasm.

Final Thoughts

Your man may not find all of these 5 areas sexually arousing, but you never know until you try it. Experiment until you find out which 5 areas on the his body he does want you to touch. Your man should be willing to explore your body to find your favorite 5 sensual areas of touch as well. Put in the effort and you will be enjoying explosive orgasms before you know it. Remember that touching is all about the intimacy and the way it makes us feel when we are touched in sensual places.