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Why Do We Have Sex?

Why do we have sex? The automatic answer to this question is typically “For the pleasure.” It is difficult to argue this conclusion, because the truth is, sex should be pleasurable. However, there are many other reasons to engage in sex and each one is worth exploring. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Let’s explore some of these reasons now.


Sex should be fun and enjoyable. The act does send blood pulsating to our sexual organs and typically results in pleasurable orgasms. Some of these moments are more intense than others. The pleasure can be decreased or increased depending on the situation.

Foreplay helps to build excitement. Being with the right person is a powerful stimulant. Even the location can play a major role in the overall results. Sex can feel great; so what other reasons could there possibly be?

Making Babies

Believe it or not people do have sex to make babies. Humans are pretty much wired to engage in sexual relations to reproduce. Reproduction was almost certainly the original intent of our sexual body parts. Making babies is a lot of fun, as long as you are ready for the responsibility.


Engaging in sexual relations is one way to connect with the one you love. Although recreational sex is still very popular; many believe sex has more meaning when it enjoyed with a soul mate. One thing is for sure; having sex with another is the closest way for two humans to connect.

Touching and caressing during sex is a vital part of the mating ritual. It is the one thing that separates us from most of the animals. Everyone has their own opinion as to why they have sex. Do it for the right reason. Be true to yourself and enjoy your sexual encounter to the fullest.