Better Sex

5 Tips For Better Sex

Many couples find it a serious challenge to keep their sex lives exciting and fulfilling. There are many reasons for this. Stress is not only hazardous to overall health, but harmful to sexual health as well. Additionally, when sex becomes routine boredom can easily set in. Both people invested in the relationship must take responsibility for making sex better.

The goal should be to do whatever is necessary to please the partner. If both in the couple proceed with this frame of mind the end results will be surprising. Here are 5 Tips For Better Sex that will help you on your way:

1. Sensual Touch – Massage is an excellent way to get closer to your partner by stimulating a wide range of nerve endings. A good massage will melt away the stress of the day and often leads to explosive orgasms. There are nerve endings all over the body and you want to hit as many of them as you can. Take it slow. Massage each other. Begin with those tight shoulder muscles, sore backs and slowly work your way to more sensual areas. Don’t go straight to the prize. Extended foreplay will lead to better sex.

2. Sex Toys – The use of sex toys does not indicate anyone is less the lover. These toys are merely accessories designed to increase the pleasure and if used correctly can definitely enhance sex. Most women love a good vibrator and a penis ring will allow some men to last longer. Keep in mind that vibrators can stimulate nerve endings for men as well. There are unlimited sex toys to explore so don’t rule out this opportunity.

3. Strip Poker – Don’t rule this tip out. Playing strip poker can be a seductive game of pleasure if played properly. The clothes can come off slowly and then the loser can be put to work on short bursts of pleasure. Use your imagination and let the excitement build. Before you know it the game will really be on.

4 Position/Location Change – Some positions may work well, but they can become boring after time. Try a new position. It has never been easier to research new positions you and your partner could try. Choose something that will not be uncomfortable for either person and let the sparks fly. Changing the location can help too. You don’t have to have sex in your bed all the time. Find more exciting places to engage in sex and your sex will be vastly improved.

5. The Blind Fold – The brain is the most important sex organ. Our nerve endings send signals to the brain. Try touching your partner while they are blindfolded. The excitement will steadily increase as they wonder where you are going next. Again, take it slow and let the excitement build. This is a great way to flame the passion and lead to better sex.

Final Thoughts

Every couple is different. You have to find what works for you and your partner. Don’t let your sex life be boring. Get the most out of sex by pursuing new opportunities of sexual enhancement. Be innovative and think outside the box. If both in the couple take on the act of giving you will be enjoying better sex faster than you might expect.