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Your Favorite Sexual Positions May Define Your Marriage

We have stated over and over again that we believe sex plays an essential role in the relationship. However, did you know that the sexual position you most commonly prefer could sum up the dynamics of your marriage. Let’s explore some of the more popular sexual positions and see what the sex experts say about those who use them.

Doggie Style – If you and your partner enjoy going doggie style is could mean your marriage is full of fun and adventure. Many who chose this position as their favorite stated they enjoyed honesty in their relationship.

Missionary – Probably the most common sexual position in the world this one can border on boredom if not careful. It does indicate that most couples are very comfortable with each other, but a little excitement would not hurt.

The Spoon position – Those who enjoy the spoon position are typically emotionally and physically close to one another. The connection normally runs pretty deep for both.

Female on top – This position indicates the couple love each other very much and are comfortable with their sexuality. These couples normally have a trusting relationship and are willing to compromise.

Final Thoughts

We didn’t cover every sexual position in the book, but where do you stand with the 4 we covered? This has been all in fun of course, but we are serious about the sexual relationship and its importance in the relationship. Sex is a great stress reliever and a change to get closer physically and emotionally to someone you love.