10 Women Get Out Of Sex Excuses and the Male Response

The world may seem to change every day, but some things never change.  Many women still try to come up with excuses to get out of sex after a long day of dealing with work, the kids, and their man and of course men are so understanding. Okay, maybe not so much.

Here are 10 get out of sex excuses women try to use and the typical response from the men:

1. Excuse: I don’t feel good about my body right now. Response: Okay, lets turn off the light and have some fun.

2. Excuse: I need a shower. Response: You are going to need another shower when we are done anyway. Lets do it.

3. Excuse: The noise will wake the children. Response: Pillows were made just for that reason. Cover your mouth and let’s do the bedroom tango.

4. Excuse: I’ve got a headache. Response: Take some ibuprofen and you will be ready to roll.

5. Excuse: Baby, I am to tired. Response: No problem. You lay there and I will do all the work.

6. Excuse: I need to shave down there. Response: I’ll take a walk on the wild side.

7. Excuse: You know I need to get up early. Response: It will only take me a minute.

8. Excuse: These cramps are killing me. Response: I understand. You can just give me oral sex tonight.

9. Excuse: I need to do some grooming down there. Response: Don’t worry about it. We will skip the oral sex and get busy.

10. Excuse: Lets just talk tonight. Response: You can whisper in my ear while I get busy.

Women keep coming up with excuses and men keep blowing them off, but in the end we all know the woman has the final say. We all know that a guy just needs a time and a place. Women really need to be in the mood. As the man we need to be understanding to their needs in and out of the bedroom. Our approach can make all the difference between a night of making love or striking out. Until we meet again may your sex life be better and remember to always be attentive to your partners needs