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First 5 Questions For Troubleshooting Problems In Your Sex Life

Does you sex life seem to be in a rut and you can’t figure out why? If you are experiencing problems don’t feel bad; you’re not alone. However, you don’t need to allow the problems to linger. As with many things in life when the problem arises you need to troubleshoot it and attempt to detect the cause. To troubleshoot your sex life you need to review it and examine any areas that might be hindering its progression. Here are the first 5 simple questions you can ask yourself that may help you zero in on the culprit that has thrown your sex life off track:

1. Do you believe you are attractive in a sexual way?  If you don’t think you’re sexy you’re not going to feel sexy and it will affect your sex life. The most important thing here is that your partner finds you attractive sexually. However, you can take steps to build your self confidence depending on what makes you think you’re not sexy.

2. Do you have a sexually attractive partner? If you don’t find your partner sexy. If they are not lighting your fire than the flames are not going to get very hot at all. If this is the case you seriously need to examine why you’re having sex with them in the first place. If you love this person find a way to bring out their sexual attractiveness.

3. What is your attitude about initiating sex? Some people just can’t or won’t initiate the sex process. Some women think it is the male responsibility. Some men think it is their responsibility. You need to throw the gender responsibility out the window. Anyone and everyone in the relationship should initiate sex to keep it from becoming boring.

4. Are you at ease with your naked body? This is unfortunately a big problem for many people. Not everyone has the body of a super model or movie star. The media has made many people feel inadequate. You need to be happy with your naked body and that of your partner as well if your sex life is going to be explosive.

5. What are you getting out of your sex life? There is no answer written in stone to this question because everyone is different. However, it is safe to say that most partners are seeking that ultimate orgasm. Orgasms are important, but they come easier for some than others. The important thing is are you enjoying the sexual bonding with your partner? Does it feel good and is your partner really trying to please you? What do you want from your sex life? You need to answer these questions inside this question in order to come up with answers.

Final Thought

In our next entry we will ask 5 more questions that are designed to help you review your sex life and determine where problems may hiding. Sex is an essential bonding process between lovers. Sexual release relieves tension and stress if engaged properly. Sex should be a good thing for you and your partner. Both in the relationship should be willing to make whatever adjustments necessary to bring sexual enhancement to the relationship. However, before you can solve the problem you must identify it and that is what these questions are all about. Give these questions some thought and we will provide you with 5 more in our next entry.