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What Women Expect During Sex

If you ask many men they will tell you that some women are very hard to please both in and out of the bed. Perhaps this is not the case at all. It could be that these women are not hard to please at all, but simply focused on what they expect from their lover.

Women & Men Often Expect The Same Things

A recent study actually suggested that women expect many of the same things men expect in the sexual relationship. Many men like to hear their women talk dirty during sex. They want their women to be verbally engaged during the entire encounter. There are many women who expect the very same thing.

Many men want their mates to show their pleasure through facial expressions that validate their prowess. Believe it or not many females want to see the same thing. They want to know their men are being satisfied. They want to be good lovers.

Perform with Passion

Some men complain their mates are not passionate enough, that they just don’t act like they really want it. Women feel the same way. They want their men to be passionate, kiss them hard, and show they really want it bad.

There are certain things men want their female companions to do during the sex act. Women expect certain things as well. They want you to listen for their signals that will guide you to the things that drive them wild.

Explore Their Bodies with A Loving Touch

Quite a few women also want men to explore their entire bodies and not just the usual stops on the female highway. They want men to find other sensitive spots that offer pleasure and get their motors running. Perhaps the one difference between most men and women is that the ladies want to hear “I love you” during the sex act. The study suggested that 44% of the females interviewed looked for those words when making love.

Final Thought

We all have expectations in the bedroom. The key is for both in the couple to attempt vigorously to exceed the others expectations during sex. If both enter the act with the right attitude imagine how wonderful the sexual relationship could be.