5 Bizarre Sex Laws Still On The Books

Today I thought I would have a little fun and explore 5 amazing sex laws that are still on the books around the USA. You can go just about anywhere in the country and find strange laws that are still in the books, but fortunately are not enforced. Lets explore some of the sexually related laws that are still on the books that could make you a lawbreaker.

1. Maryland – Did you know that kissing for longer than a minute in public is against the law in Halethorpe, MD? Well, it is true so if you are going to lay one on your lovers lips get your minutes worth.

2. Indiana – If you find yourself passing through Indiana at some point in your life you might want to check the laws before you have sex with your partner. It is against the law to have oral sex in this state, but hey, some laws are made to be broken.

3. Georgia – You can have anything you want on your mind in Georgia, but if you have sex out of marriage you are breaking the law. Sex for singles is illegal.

4. Alabama – If you enjoy using sex toys to enhance your sexual relationship that is great, just don’t do it in Alabama where sex toys are against the law.

5. Wisconsin – If you happen to find yourself in Connersville, WI and decide to have sex with your partner you should know that you cannot shoot off your gun when your lover has an orgasm.

These are just 5 of the many sex laws still being carried on the books around the United States. In the future I will share more of these unusual laws with you. I guess there is a morale to be found here somewhere. If you are in a strange town, city or state, maybe you should know the sex laws before you wind up in something other than your lover, like jail perhaps. Until we meet again may your sex be better and remember to always give as you would like to receive.