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Should Women Fake Orgasms?

As you read this keep in mind that this is coming from a man’s point of view. I like to think I am open minded about sexual relationships and always try to see both sides of the question. The question today is whether or not women should fake orgasms.

First of all, it is important that we explore why women feel the need to fake an orgasm in the first place. Obviously, it is not for their own pleasure. Some women feel a need to fake an orgasm to gratify their partner. Depending on your point of view you could assume several points of view, including, but certainly not limited to:

1. The woman is lying to her partner and not being honest in the relationship.
2. The woman is making her partner happy so what is the problem.
3. The woman is not being true to herself and her genre.

As a man you would probably assume that I would choose number 2, but you would be incorrect. Although, I see valid points in all 3 of these assumptions, one must remember what I refer to consistently about in my blogs. To me “communication” and “trust” are two of the most important factors in any relationship.

Trust and Faking Orgasms

We men are very lucky that we are not under the extreme pressure of needing to fake orgasms. Many men are concerned about the woman experiencing an orgasm. We feel like we have poorly performed if we have an orgasm and they do not. Of course those men who research the subject understand that many women fail to achieve orgasms, especially during intercourse. Some women don’t want their men to feel like they failed them so they fake it. The heart may be in the right place, but it is not the right way to go.

Just because a woman does not have an orgasm during intercourse does not mean she was not enjoying the act with you. the trust issue arises because some may say if the woman is lying about her orgasm then she is lying to herself and her husband, so what else does she lie about. Although lying is a strong accusation in this case, honesty should always be the best policy.

Communication and Faking Orgasms

If we enter the bedroom relationship or any relationship for that matter, without open communication, than the relationship is established on a weak foundation. Communication pursued with the right frame of mind, being respectful to each others feelings and emotions, is the right path to follow.

If the women believes her lover is doing his best then she should tell him so, but explain to him that not all women have orgasms the same way. If he is the problem for whatever reason and she loves him than there are ways to make him better. She can let him know that there are other things he can do that will make her climax again and again.

If the man is truly a loving partner he will not take the problem personally and will do what it takes to satisfy his mate. If he chooses to take it as a personal attack on his manhood and thinks of himself first and foremost, than that is an entirely different problem.

Final Thoughts

No one, I don’t care what their credentials are, can tell you what is best for you and the person you love. But what we can do is offer you honest advice about what could make the relationship better. If you can keep the lines of communication open and let each other know what makes you happy and what does not, than at least you are being honest with each other.

When faking an orgasm your heart may very well be in the right place, but you can hopefully eliminate that pressure by simply putting it all in the open.