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What Is Killing Your Libido?

As time goes by you may be wondering why your libido is lacking. Many factors can eat away at your sex drive. Some of these factors are physical, some are psychological and others are emotional. The important thing to note here is that a lack of sex drive does not mean you are not attracted to your partner. Moreover, it does not mean that you are any less a good lover. At the root of every problem is a cause and it is up to you to seek and find the answer to yours.

Lack of sleep can certainly be a libido buster. Constant fatigue will not allow you the energy to get up and go; let alone perform when you get there. Therefore, it is vital that you can the proper amount of sleep; at least 8 hours per night so that your body can be rested and your energy can be restored for the better of your health and your sex life.

Stress is another libido killer and it seems to get harder and harder to avoid it. No one with any common sense has ever said life was easy. It can be a struggle. There are just too many things going on in our lives. However, we can make the attempt to do things that reduce our stress and sex has been a way to do that since the beginning of time.

Depression is not good for our libido either. It is easy to get depressed and harder to withdraw from it. This can be very hard on your sexual relationship. If you are depressed you can consult your doctor or look for natural ways of treating your emotional state. Your love life could depend on it.

The very medicine people take for depression or other illnesses can also harm your libido. If this is happening let your doctor know. Obviously your health is the first concern, but if you can sustain your health and enjoy a healthy sex life too then why not pursue it.

Alcohol and smoking can be harmful to your libido as well. Looking past the obvious bad breath situation; these factors are bad for your health. If these things do not bother you than move on to the next libido killer.

One of the biggest libido killers of all is one of the most common these days. Many people who do not feel comfortable with the way they look naked can’t find the desire to get sexually involved. If you don’t love yourself; it will be hard to engage in a naked activity with another. It is important that you feel good about yourself. If you do feel good about yourself then this is not your libido killer, but if you don’t then it is recommended that you work hard to create a body you do love.

These are only a few of the libido killers lurking in the shadows of our lives. Some may apply to you and some may not. It is up to you to find what is trying to kill your libido before it kills your sex life altogether. You can achieve the same sexual desire that you once had if you are willing to track down and eliminate your libido killer.