Better Sex

Timing Is Everything When It Comes To Sex

If you want to truly enjoy your sexual encounter then timing should be taken into consideration. As with many things in life timing can be the key to succuss or failure. For example you may apply for a job at the very moment when they were desperately seeking to fill a position. Although in sex you are not exactly filling a position it is still important to engage in the sexual activity at the right time.

Initiate Sex At Unexpected Times

It is very easy to allow your sex life to fall into a boring act of simply going through the motions for your partner; especially if you have been engaging in the sexual activity the same way with the same person for years. You can’t allow the beauty of an enduring relationship lead to boredom in the bedroom. Break up the mundane sexual experience and start initiating sex at the most odd and unexpected moments. You can also try something new to get the sparks flying.

Most Opportunistic Time For Super Orgasm

If you are a women this may surprise you. It is believed that the most powerful orgasm can be achieved on the first day of your period. It has long been known that sexual enjoyment is all about the blood flow, which can lead to beter sensitivity during the encounter and stronger orgasms. You may not be in the best mood during this time, but perhaps a little sexual pick me upper might be just the relief you were looking for if you take advantage of the timing.

Take Advantage of the Morning Erection

It is very common for men to wake up with an erection. Since studies have shown that women tend to get more tired earlier at night with age the best time to engage in sex may very well be in the morning. All you need to do is get up a little earlier and surprise your partner by taking advantage of that erection.

Time Your Sexual Encounter For Unusual Locations

There is no law that says your sexual encounter has to be in bed every Friday night and in the missionary position. This sort of timing would bore a horny toad. Instead, try to engage in sex in unusual locations. When the weather is nice sex outside the home can be very exciting. Walk out into the woods or into the garage and you will feel that spark rekindling again.

Consider Stress Free Moments For Sex

Stress shows no favorites. Anyone can feel the pressures of stress that is generated by the events played out in our lives. For the best sexual experience try to engage in your sexual encounter when stress will not be a factor. For some sex is a stress reliever and that is good, but try to plan your sex after a long romantic evening that leads up to the encounter. Tease each other like you used too and build up the excitement. Send the children to your parent’s house for the night and leave all your stress and troubles at the door for the night.

Final Thoughts

There is no secret formula written in stone for the most explosive sexual encounter. It is up to both partners to plan their sexual activity for the right time. It has been often been said that a man does not need a time; he only needs a place. However, it is essential that the man ensure that the time is right for the women as well. Successful sex cannot be selfish. It must be a shared passion that causes both partners to focus on pleasing the other. When it comes to your sexual encounter timing can be everything.