The Naked Truth About Sexual Addiction

Many people think they know someone who is a sex addict. But do they? Just because someone enjoys kinky sex on a regular basis this does not make them a sex addict. It simply means they enjoy sex, A person is typically considered to have a sex addiction if they allow their sexual appetite to somehow affect themselves or their families in a negative fashion. There is even debate as to whether an addiction to sex even exists. Some medical experts believe the addiction is not sex driven at all. So what causes the problems?

Possible Contributing Factors to Sexual Addiction

Many believe that some of the same factors that contribute to addictions like gambling and eating could also be tied to sexual addiction. These include, but are not limited too, shame, anxiety, stress, and depression. These triggers cause some people to react in aggressive ways towards particular obsessions. Of course this is one theory, there are still some who think a sex addict is simply addicted to sex in an unhealthy way.

Symptoms of Sex Addiction

In most people’s mind the sex addict is typically a male. However, women suffer from the obsession as well. If a guy goes out every night trying to fulfill an endless appetite for hookers he may just be a sex addict. If a woman or man engages in one risky marital affair after the other, they may be sex addicts. If a man or women working in the office environment continues to surf porn even though their employment is in question, they may be sex addicts.

The question of the day may be is there something at the very root of these obsessions? These unhealthy appetites can wreck personal lives and relationships. It can cause people to be terminated from their employment, ruin social lives, and make possible sexually transmitted diseases.

If Sexual Addiction Exists What is the Cure?

Those who seek help for sex addiction typically do so when an incident brings their problem out into the open. Perhaps they are arrested for publicly exposing themselves or for hiring a prostitute. Maybe their spouse caught them in an affair. Something normally triggers a search for help. Some experts believe the cause is too much dopamine or serotonin in the brain. Some medications typically used for other obsessions can sometimes help.

Typically, one on one therapy, and group therapy sessions can be helpful. The sexual addiction problem is still being studied extensively and the search for answers goes on. Whether sex addiction exists as we tend to define it, or whether it is deep rooted to other psychological triggers, only time will tell. If you think your sexual appetite is endangering you or someone you love please seek medical treatment. If you simply enjoy sex and are not hurting anyone then by all means get freaky.