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Misconceptions Men Have in the Bedroom

Not long ago we posted about the misconceptions many women have in the bedroom. Today we are going to look at some of the misconceptions men hold dear to their hearts.

5 Misconceptions Men Often Make

1. There are many men out there that judge their sex life by the amount of sex they have during a week. You will hear some say that they enjoy sex with their partner 5 days a week, while some boast they get it every day. Your sexual relationship should never be compared to those around you. Every couple is different. The important thing is what makes you and your partner happy. The fact is 2 nights of great sex with someone you love is much better than 5 nights a week of “wham bam thank you Mame.”

2. Some men tend to believe that foreplay happens 5 minutes before intercourse. This is not true. Foreplay can begin hours and even days before you get down and dirty. Flirting, touching and hugging are all types of foreplay that can begin long before the big moment. Studies have shown that hugging your partner for longer than 20 seconds causes a release of octocin, better known as the “cuddle hormone.” Hugging your partner can add to sexual enhancement.

3. Many men thing porn is a turn off to women. Don’t stereotype the genre. Everyone is different. You will find women that enjoy porn as much as the next guy. Talk to your partner about porn. Follow her lead.

4. Some men think all women should have an orgasm during sexual intercourse. The truth is many women fail to climax during intercourse. Let’s face it guys, most men can climax anywhere and anytime, but women need to be focused and their clitoris has to be stimulated in just the right way. This does not always occur during intercourse, but guys there is more than one way to please your partner and make her climax. Think with the head on your shoulders and use your other precision bedroom skills to take your partner over the top.

5. Many men believe having a television in the bedroom has nothing to do with their sex life. This is not true. A recent study concluded that couples with television in the bedroom experience 50% less sex then those without. As a couple you need to decide to you want to watch the late show or or make a late show of your own.

Final Thoughts

The thing men have to remember is that all women are different. Some like sex with the light on and some like it off. Some women like sex toys that offer sexual enhancement, but that does not mean you are not doing your job. Don’t set high expectations based on what you see at the movies or on your favorite porn site.

Communicate with your partner and find out what rocks her world. It is about you and your partner and nobody else. Both in the sexual relationship should always have a positive attitude that suggests they will never be satisfied until their partner is. If you can make that the approach then both of you will always be satisfied and many of the misconceptions will fade away.