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Sexual Dysfunction In Woman

We often hear about men suffering from sexual dysfunction, but did you know that women experience this problem as well? These problems for both males and females occur during the sexual response cycle that hinders the person from getting the most out of their sexual encounter.  You may be surprised to know that women actually suffer from sexual dysfunction more than their male counterparts.

Studies have shown that around 43% of females confronted this sexual problem compared to 31% of males. Obviously some cases are more problematic than others. Talking about your sexual dysfunction is not easy to do, but it is important that you do so with a medical professional and your sexual partner. I state this a lot, but communication is fundamental in all aspects of your relationship.

The Sexual Response Cycle

Getting back to the sexual response cycle there are 4 areas of concern that normally cause problems. The first area often affected is excitement. Women need to be excited about the sexual encounter. This drives their libido and desire and is very important to the sexual encounter. Another area of concern is plateau. During the sexual activity the woman should be shooting to reach that sexual plateau that sets her up for the explosion of ecstasy. If she cannot seem to reach it then that is a problem. Of course the ability to have an orgasm is vital as well. Although not all women have orgasms every time they have sex; it is usually the ultimate goal. Resolution is another concern during sexual activity. Painful sex is not good sex for most people.

The Causes

Sexual dysfunction in women can be physical or psychological. There are many medical conditions, medications and drugs that cause physical problems. Psychological causes normally include depression, anxiety, stress, and even previous sexual trauma. Most problems can be treated through the administration of medication or through counseling. Sexual dysfunction can affect both male and female of any age.

The Affects on Women

Women often suffer from lack of sexual desire, the ability to be aroused, the inability to experience an orgasm and intercourse that can be painful for a number of reasons. Women who suffer these symptoms should consult a medical professional for an exam to see exactly what is causing the problem. Through education, stimulation techniques, reducing pain and many other options; these problems can be treated successfully. Of course each case is different and the results will depend upon the seriousness of the condition.


The lack of estrogen due to menopause or other hormone problems can certainly cause sexual dysfunction in women. Women should not simply go through the motions and suffer if they are experiencing any of these issues. Sexual enhancement may only be a check up away if they only see their doctor. In addition, it is very important to talk to your partner about your problems. Don’t be embarrassed because this is a problem that can be treated and should be important to everyone concerned. Don’t allow sexual dysfunction to keep you from getting the most out of your sexual encounter.