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Are Men or Women More Selfish During Sex?

The question I am posing today is whether men or women are more selfish during sexual activity. This is a question that really seems to get both sexual genres fired up. You will find many men who feel that women are more selfish and just as many women who think that the men are the ones with a selfish streak. Sex is supposed to be a two way street and should always be approached as such. There is no future in a one sided love affair and only one person benefits from a one sided sexual encounter.

The act of sex is just one part of introducing intimacy into a loving relationship. The most effective tool in a happy relationship is not a female or male body part, but rather communication. However, sex is very important in most relationships. I have different thoughts on this subject. I know what I learned in my research and I know what I have confronted in my own personal experiences.

In some ways the path of my research and the path of my own experience joined as one somewhere along the way. In some ways it comes down to attitude. Some people are givers and some are takers; that is a fact of life. However, sometimes there are reasons that men or women are profiled in this manner. Everyone is raised somewhat differently. Some women are raised to believe that sexual aggression is taboo for a lady. That may be hard for many of us to understand, but it is a reality.

In most cases though it appears that women or men either have the attitude that they want to do whatever it takes to pleasure their mate or they don’t. It is understood that the stress of life can be overwhelming causing some to just want to go through the motions. However, deep down it still comes down to each individual attitude towards sex and role responsibility. I think we can all agree that women can be more complicated and that they are not sexual machines that can be turned on and off by the push of a button.

On the other hand just because a most men can be ready at the drop of a hat and enjoy an orgasm in seconds does not mean that it was a pleasurable sexual experience. We know women need to be fondled and caressed; what some may not know is that many men need that intimacy as well. The bottom line is this; there is no room for selfishness anywhere in the relationship.

No one person is responsible for providing 100% of the pleasure while receiving much less. It should be the goal of every partner to want to please the one that they love or desire. The man nor the woman should simply lay there from the start expecting to be fulfilled. Pleasure should be shared. Couples should take turns pleasuring one another. The lines of communication should be open so that each member of the couple is aware of what pleasures the other. Each partner should go out of their way to make the other happy; not only in the bedroom, but in other aspects of the relationship as well. It is typically better for everyone involved if you are a giver rather than a taker. Don’t let selfishness in the bedroom keep you from getting the most out of your sexual encounter.