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Are College Students More Involved In Meaningless Sexual Encounters?

When many people think about college students and sex they almost instantaneously think about Spring  Break in Florida. The entire event causes one to envision all night drinking binges and meaningless, loveless sexual encounters. This may be true or perhaps the legend holds more symbolism than the actual reality. College students in general have been portrayed as being sex starved and party crazed since the 1960’s. However, how much truth is there to this assumption?

In reality it is a little far fetched and takes a bit of profiling to reach this conclusion. Not all college students go to school to engage in disproportionate casual sex or to party their life away. i often hear people complain that all young college students do today is party and have sex. The fact is a recent study conducted by the University of Portland concluded that students are not having anymore casual sex today then they were over the last 3 decades.

It is true that 50% of the students surveyed did say they had sex with more than one partner, but that still means there are 50% that don’t. College students are adults and as long as they excel in their studies and engage in sex safely; they should not be judged. There are many schools where the students have less sex and other schools where they have more.

Many college students have their fun while in school so they can settle down when it is over. Not every student engages in wild sexual encounters. Those that do seem not to be driven to one partner, but they eventually find the right one. Sex in college is often enhanced by the atmosphere. It could be that some students don’t want to go through life without experiencing sex with more than one partner.

The point is not all college students are engaging in meaningless sex. Casual sex has not become the main focus of this generation of college students. It would appear there are simply some students who want to relieve stress by engaging in hot sexual encounters for the sake of variety and enjoyment. It is not my job to pass judgement. As long as they are practicing safe sex the decision as to whether or not the encounter is meaningless or loveless is in the eye of the beholder.