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Low Testosterone & Low Libido

When it comes to Men’s libido, testosterone is a very important factor in determining whether or not the sexual encounter will be enjoyable or not. Low libido as well as erectile dysfunction often result from low testosterone. The ability to identify these sexual problems and know what causes them is key to successful treatment.

What Causes A Lack Of Libido?

It is quite difficult to determine exactly what the right libido level is in men because every man and situation is different. Some experience more stress than others or experience situations beyond their control that affect their sexual encounters or lack there of. Many men begin to notice a reduction of libido as early as in their teens when they are at their sexual peak.

Some men can function like a stud on with low testosterone, but others run into a brick wall when theirs is considered normal. The only thing that is known for sure is that if the testosterone level dips to a certain level just about all men will suffer from a reduction in their libido. It should be known that low testosterone is not the only cause of declining libido.

Other causes of low libido could be:

  • depression
  • medical problems
  • stress
  • lack of sleep
  • lack of confidence

Does Low Testosterone Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Studies have shown that erectile dysfunction almost never causes erection problems. It is more likely that atherosclerosis, a medical condition where the arteries harden, to cause erectile dysfunction. The erection is ignited by the blood flow to the penis and the lack thereof will lead to erectile problems. In addition, other medical conditions like high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Nevertheless, low testosterone can be a partner with these problems and enhance the complications. About 33% of men studied showed signs of low testosterone when they suffered from erectile dysfunction.


One of the options for low testosterone is testosterone replacement and testosterone therapy, but the long term risks are still up for debate. Those men who believe they are suffering from low libido and are seeking sexual enhancement options should consult their doctor and have their testosterone levels checked. Identifying the problems are the first step to ensuring low testosterone is not going to have negative affects on your next sexual encounter.