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5 Interesting Facts About Your Penis

Talking about your penis may not be the most popular subject in social circles, but studies have shown that it is a subject totally dear to many men’s heart. Many men are preoccupied with their penis, penis enhancement and eventual erectile dysfunction.

Sometimes they stress about their size, shape or ability to keep an erection long enough to totally please their partner. First of all, there are many ways to please your partner that does not include your penis, but that is another subject for a future blog. Secondly, size is in the eye of the beholder.

The interesting things I am about to pass on to you about your penis may be something you already know. On the other hand you might just be surprised. Whether you are a man reading this blog or a women, it is important to know about the penis. On the same note, it is important that men known about the Virgina, but that is another blog as well.

5 Facts You May Not Have Known About The Penis

1. If men don’t use it there is a good chance they are going to lose it. I am not saying if they don’t have regular erections their penis is going to fall off. What I am saying is that the penis should be exercised like every other muscle in the body if it is going to work at intended capacity. The penis thrives on the oxygen that it receives when that blood rushes in causing that rock hard erection.

Did you know that men’s brains are programmed with a dream phase called REM that causes us to have an erection during our sleep even if we are not having an erotic dream? This is a maintenance plan that exists to keep the penis in shape. The bottom line is if men don’t exercise their penis it will shorten over time because the tissue won’t be as elastic.

2. The size of a flaccid penis does not indicate the potential size of an erection. Just because a man’s penis is small when he is not aroused does not mean it will be small when it is erected. On the same note, just because a man is large before he is aroused, does not mean he will grow a lot bigger when he is aroused.

Studies have shown that the size differential from flaccid state to erection can be as little as a quarter inch to 3.5 inches on the average. Men with small the small flaccid penis will typically expand two times as much as the man with a large limp penis as they become erect. This indicates once again that we should not judge a book by its cover.

3. There are a variety of pleasure areas on the penis. Most men surveyed concluded that the underside of their penis displayed the most pleasure. This area is very sensitive, especially right around the head of the penis.

Other areas other than the penis that are sensitive and pleasurable are the neck, scrotum, nipples and anus. It is important that both men and women know where these pleasure points are located.

4. Men lose sensitivity over time. As early as the age 25 some men begin to notice a decline in sensitivity, but the biggest decline appears in those over the age of 65. Some men never notice the decline and are more bothered by issues with the ability to gain an erection or reach an orgasm.

5. Your penis is much longer than you might think. If men knew how long their penis really was they would all hold their head up high and smile. The fact is about 50% of your penis does not protrude outside the body. The other half exists in the pelvis where it is connected to the pubic bone. Of course most men are only concerned with the part they can use.


It has been said that way too many men think with their penis and I imagine there is some truth to that. To some men their penis is their crowning jewel. The penis is an important tool in the sexual encounter.

Remember though that it is not always the size of the boat that matters, but the motion of the ocean. Getting to know your penis puts you in a better position to enjoy your next sexual encounter.