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Don’t Let Depression Ruin Your Sex Life

If you feel like you are suffering with bouts of depression it is essential that you consult a medical professional. Depression can effect many areas of your life including your sexual encounters. This illness can lead to erectile dysfunction as well as issues with orgasms. The bright side is that these problems can be treated.

The Depression/Sex Connection

Our brain is the true center of our bodies universe. You could even view your brain as a sex organ. Feelings, sensations and desires start in the brain. The brain is full of neurotransmitters that enhance communication and drive that blood to your sexual organs. If you are suffering from depression these neurotransmitters can be altered decreasing your sexual desire, which can lead to relationship issues.

Medications Used For Depression

One of the options for treating depression is antidepressants which are designed to enhance your mood, but many come with serious side effects. Some of these side effects lead to sexual dysfunction. You can talk to your doctor about trying medications that will not hinder your sexual desire. It is vital that you communicate your issues with sexual dysfunction to your doctor and with your partner as well.

The Final Word

Depression can be treated and so can the sexual problems that accompany it. By managing your depression properly you can also manage your sexual dysfunction issues too. Don’t allow problems with depression to interfere with your sexual relationship because sex is an important positive bond that should be enjoyed regularly with the person you love or desire.