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5 More Questions For Troubleshooting Problems In Your Sex Life

In our last blog we asked 5 questions designed to help you troubleshoot the sex problems in your life. Today we are going to ask 5 more. If your sex life is problem free then we commend you, but if you are like the majority of the rest of the world we hope one of these questions will help you find some answers.

1. Do you enjoy the act of masturbation?

Many people masturbate whether they choose to admit it or not. Masturbation is a reliable way to get in touch with your sensitive areas. It is a great opportunity to get in touch with your own body and perhaps find some sensitive areas you want your partner to explore.

2. Do you engage in sexual activity as much as you would like to?

It is important to engage in sexual activity as much as you would like to as long as the opportunity presents itself. If your partner does not want to have sex that often then it is an issue you should discuss. Sex is important to the relationship and should be enjoyed as often as possible.

3. Can you have an open conversation with your partner about sex?

Can you and your partner discuss sex or is the subject taboo? We cannot tell you how important it is to hold an open discussion with your partner about what makes you happy or unhappy in bed. Some issues are sensitive, but unless you are mind readers it is good to explore your sex life openly with your partner.

4. Are you willing to try new things in bed?

No one is suggesting that you do anything in sex that goes against your values or better judgement, but you should at least be open to some new ideas if they would spice up your sex life. This could be the use of sex toys or just trying a new position.

5. Is your relationship as loving in the bed as it is outside of it?

Does your partner only say I love you during the sex act? If so, you may have a problem. Sex should be a romantic bonding experience that only becomes an extension of the existing feelings of love. It is essential to feel that love in and out of the bedroom to get the full experience.

Final Thoughts

Don’t attempt to make your sex life fit the stereotypes found in the movies or the latest porn film. However, you should make your sex life into what you feel comfortable with. Sex is more important to some people than others, but just because you could take it or leave it; does not mean you should cut your partner off too. Try to find a happy medium where both you and your partner can be satisfied and many of your sexual problems will fade away.