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Does The Average Sex Life Age Gracefully?

Many people enjoy a vibrant sex life in their youth, but does the average sex life age gracefully? That is the question of the day and the answer to that question may, or may not, astound you. Although every individual is unique and patterns vary; studies have shown that for the majority sex life ages gracefully, but definitely slows down to some degree.

As we age it is quite normal for our sex life to slow down a bit. However, this does not indicate that we give up on our sexual desires altogether. A recent study concluded that 51% of men over the age of 45 were happy with their sex life. Only 14% of the women polled and 23% of the men were unhappy. Experts believe that most people are happier because they have matured and risen to a higher level of intimacy and trust.

Sexual Desire Does Decrease

Once again, we are not suggesting that at some certain age you will no longer care about sex. We are simply stating that it is natural for libido to decrease as we get older. Women are at least 2 to 3  times more likely to lose their sex drive than men. Many factors can contribute to the loss of sexual desire. Hormones, cultural differences and medical issues can all be factors. Over 25% of men polled over the age of 50 claimed they had sex at least twice per month and 10% boasted twice a week. Only 20% of women suggested they engaged in sex twice a month and 7% twice a week. When women reach menopause they must deal with vaginal dryness, reduced sexual libido, weaker orgasms and loss of estrogen and testosterone. 75% of men will suffer some form of erectile dysfunction by the age of 70, but sex can still be good.

Age Can Require Longer Foreplay

As we age it is quite natural for it to take a while longer to get ready for sexual activity. There are lubricants and hormone creams that make it a little easier for women to get prepared. Some men may suffer from erectile dysfunction and there are treatments for that as well. Longer foreplay sessions has proven to be effective in helping older people get ready and steady. Of course we believe that longer foreplay is good at any age because it allows the opportunity to build the excitement on the way to the big release. Around 64% of older people polled claimed that sexual treatments for a variety of sexual problems provided them with further sexual enhancement and enjoyment.

Sex Is Good For The Health and Can Prolong Your Life

Studies have concluded that a healthy sex life even into your later years will burn fat, reduce stress, boost metabolism, strengthen muscles and improve heart health. Sex is still a viable healthy exercise for older individuals. Of course, depending on the present state of health it is always best to consult with your doctor before engaging in sexual activity.

Final Thought

Although older men are more likely to retain their sexual desire there are many women that retain it just as long. There are always factors that play a role in our sex life whether we are 20 years old or 50. However, as we get older there are options available that will assist in the continuation of a healthy and happy sex life. Our sex life can age gracefully and sexual satisfaction can still be obtained as long as we are willing to try.