Let’s Talk Safe Sex

Let’s talk about a subject that is very important to sexual enhancement; let’s talk safe sex. When people think about wearing a condom their reason for doing so normally revolves around preventing pregnancy. However, there is another very important reason for using the proper protection during sexual activity. It is good to practice safe sex and eliminate the possibility of spreading sexual transmitted diseases.

How The Infection is Spread

Any type of sexual activity involving the mouth, genitalia, or rectum will spread infections. These infections are not fun and everyone should want to avoid them at all cost. Most of these infections are curable, but some cannot. The HIV infection can cause AIDS and it is not curable at this time. Genital herpes is another incurable infection to avoid.

In many cases the people infected by these infections don’t even realize it. If you are having sex with someone for the first time you have a right to know about their sexual history. Until you are satisfied you can engage in safe sex with them you should wear protection for intercourse and oral sex.

Not Easy To Talk About

It is not an easy subject to approach with a new sex partner, but they should be an anxious to enjoy safe sex as you are. The partners you have both had sex with and the concern over whether or not you both use protection is justified. If you or your partner have ever participated in unsafe sex than you are both at risk for infection.

If illegal injected drugs have been used it poses a threat for unsafe sex. There are many situations that can leave a person open for infections. By knowing more about your new sex partner you can protect yourself from a future problem. Trust in the sexual relationship is very important. You need to be honest with your partner and they need to be honest with you.

Final Thought

I know talking about safe sex may not seem like the “in ” thing to do, but the alternative could be even more depressing. It is the responsibility of each individual to make an effort to engage in safe sex. Each person has to determine how important it is for them to avoid receiving or transmitting sexual infections.

I often talk about the importance of talking with your partner about sexual activity in order to better understand what makes you happy and satisfied in the bedroom. This subject is just as important to discuss and no one should be embarrassed to talk about it. We want you to enjoy your sexual activity, but we want you to be safe as well. Your health may depend on it.