Debunking Female Desire Myths

It has long been suggested by some that men have stronger sexual desire than women. Moreover, that men will engage in sex at the drop of a hat; while women need to feel a connection. These assumptions are consistently being challenged by new research and the results may surprise the average person. To much of this subject is stereotyped by the masses. Since no two people are exactly the same physically, emotional or mentally it is insulting to suggest that all women feel the same way about sex. Every women is different. while some may expect an emotional attachment; chances are you will find just as many more who enjoy the sexual encounter for the enjoyment of the experience. Myths are easily established, but many can be just as easily debunked. Let us examine some of the myths directed towards female sexual desire.

Men Cheat More Than Women

It has been often suggested that men are more liable to cheat in a relationship, but could we be jumping to conclusions without actually taking the complexity of the female libido into question? Although some believe that women lose their sexual desire faster than men in a relationship; this does not automatically insist that men will cheat faster than women. Partners cheat for different reasons and it is not simply related to sexual desire. Women are just as likely to cheat in a relationship as men if the desire to so is there.

Hormones Drive Female Desire

When exploring sexual myths we cannot always seek the most simple answer and stop there. It is imperative that we be open minded and look for the right answers; not just the short ones. Most people know that our hormones have much to do with our sexual desire, but did you know that desire is not simply boosted by estrogen or testosterone alone? Desire is also boosted by various chemicals in the brain like dopamine and serotonin that effect our moods and subsequently our arousal.

Erotica Turns Women Off

The myth that only men are turned on by erotic imagery is simply not accurate. There are many women that are just as aroused by erotica. A recent study suggested that a third of the women tested admitted that they were turned on by porn or erotic imagery. It could be that women are prisoners of the stereotype that porn is taboo for a lady. This is a theory that must be debunked. There is nothing wrong with erotica boosting a women’s sexual desire.

Women Should Not Initiate Sex

Due to cultural differences there are obviously some women that believe it is the man’s job to initiate the sexual encounter, but this does not include all women. Women like to be in control in the bedroom too and there is nothing wrong with a women initiating the sexual experience. Some women like aggressive men who take control and some men like aggressive women who take charge. Everyone is different.


It is not practical to suggest that all women have the same sexual desire. Women are intelligent human beings with their own thoughts and emotions. They can have the same desires to initiate sex, cheat on their partner, or enjoy erotic imagery. We cannot continue to stereotype women and suggest that they are all one dimensional. Women may be wired differently, but that does not mean that they cannot be just as sexually aggressive as a male.