Better Sex

Sex: The All Natural Beauty Treatment That Reduces Aging

Most people have sex for one primary reason; it feels good. They enjoy the bonding experience with their partner, but sex can offer a lot more than just the enjoyment factor. Recent Scottish studies have suggested that three bouts in the bed a week can take years off of your face. I know you are thinking that it must have been a team of men who wrote the study and that may be the case, but the conclusions are justified.

Sure, I am a hot blooded male as well, but I try to keep an open mind when it comes to sex and the opportunities that can be derived from the experience. The studies concluded that regular sex can reduce heart disease and enhance immunity. Moreover, a women’s appearance can benefit from steady sex as well.

The sexual activity alone is not the key. The key is having good orgasms. A good orgasm will send your anti-stress hormones surging with beta-endorphin, which is works against pain. Prolactin relaxes the body and oxytocin puts you in the mood to cuddle up to your partner. After you have had a good orgasm endorphins race through the body with the power to heal the damaged skin from the suns rays. They also help reduce the wrinkles caused from dried out skin. Regular sex can do that and more.

Even foreplay can enhance your healthy skin. Prior to the orgasm a good regiment of kissing can get the blood pumping. Your circulation will be boosted and so will your heart rate sending the blood screaming through the skin and organs. You can burn more calories during sex then you can exercising during the same amount of time.

A good round of sex will also make your skin softer. Have you ever noticed how shiny your eyes look after a good sexual experience. The sweat you work up during sex is a good thing. It acts like a natural moisturizer as the natural oils lubricate your skin.

It has long been suggested that sex was good exercise for the mind, body and soul. If you are going to work up a sweat in order to get the blood pumping and the circulation boosted; why not enjoy the exercise as part of fun and exciting sexual experience. With the opportunity to reduce aging It would appear that sex is a win-win situation if approached safely and for the right reasons.