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5 Rewards Gained From Sex

Sex can offer many rewards including money and I am not talking about the oldest profession in the world. We get a variety of rewards when we engage in sex with someone we are attracted too. Let’s take this time to explore 5 rewards most of us can gain from the sexual encounter.

1. Pleasure – Let’s face it, most of us engage in the sexual encounter for the pure pleasure it delivers. We are in it for those glorious orgasms that make the toes curl up and the eyes to glow like the moon on the darkest of nights.

2. Bonding – Having sex with someone you love can create stronger bonding as a couple. Foreplay goes a long way in strengthening those bonds. Touching each other in sensual places ignites intimacy and enhances the feelings of love.

3. Stress Reduction – It is well known that sex reduces stress for many people. I can’t think of anything better than sex to get the mind off the stressful day around the house or on the job.

4. Better Health – For many people sex on a regular basis can enhance their good health. A good sexual encounter can actually work off some badly needed calories and leave you feeling drained, but refreshed.

5. More Money – You heard me right. Recent studies in Greece on both men and women displayed that people who engaged in sexual encounters 4 or more times per week made more money than those who did not. This could be because success in business and love go hand in hand.

I am not suggesting that everyone that has sex is going to reap the same rewards. However, it is safe to say that many people will enjoy at least some of them from time to time. If everyone realized that they could enjoy the pleasure, enhance bonding, reduce stress, improve their health and make more money too, they might make time for more sex. These are great reasons to enjoy your next sexual encounter.