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The Spanish fly is a green blister beetle, Lytta vesicatoria, which is found in Siberia, Central Asia and Southern Europe. Contrary to its name, there is no presence of this beetle in Spain. Spanish fly is an aphrodisiac and a poison as well.

The dried remains of the beetle are ground into fine powder and complemented by other ingredients then mixed with water or alcohol for that boost in sex drive. In its initial ancient use, Spanish fly was applied on the man’s shaft as a desensitizing agent for longer and more satisfying sex. However, with time, the product gained more popularity in the form of tablets and drops.

How does it work?

Spanish Fly is meant for both men and women. It increases sex drive between partners and ultimately enhance the sexual experience. It works by increasing libido and enhancing the erection which eventually translates to improved pleasure.

The active ingredient in this aphrodisiac is cantharadin. The chemical is present in the male beetle and is a potent blistering agent. Once ingested, as an aphrodisiac, the chemical works by irritating the genital tract and causing blood rush to the genital area of the user. This results in a longer and firmer erection in men.

Pros or Cons?

Spanish fly has been shown to have adverse side effects on the user. In minimal dosage, it causes irritation in the genital area, blisters on various parts of the body and stomach aches. The effects of an overdose are fatal. They include painful urination and bloody discharge, fever, liver and kidney failure and death.

Hence, several countries around the world have banned the use of Spanish fly, owing to that fatality of its active ingredient. This makes it even more difficult to get the right dosage. Nonetheless, the ban seems to generate increased popularity of the product among many. Some are of the opinion that Spanish Fly really works and there is no valid reason for the ban. I guess the forbidden fruit does taste really sweet. To counter the ban, some brands have developed replicas of Spanish fly that do not contain cantharadin. These are however ineffective since the active agent is absent.

All in all, if you are willing to try out the product, there are variations such Spanish Fly Pro which claims to be user friendly. As long as it still has the active agent of this aphrodisiac as we know it, be very very cautious.


The size of the penis is a really big deal for most men. Despite your physical appearance body wise, having a larger penis is often a plus. It boosts the man’s self-esteem. He is also more confident during and about matters of sex. Many have, therefore, juggled with options available for penile enlargement.

I present to you: Antler Velvet. It is harvested from the horns of a growing deer or any other animal in the deer family: elk, moose and caribou. The antlers are obtained from the animal prior to becoming solid bone. It contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, anti-inflammatory prostaglandins and a series of essential amino acids. This process neither poses nor inflicts any harm on the animal.

How does it work?

Prostaglandins contain testosterone boosting effects. Prostaglandins is part of a formula, whereby they not only boost testosterone but also enhance blood flow for optimal growth of tissues. It also prevents damage to the penis. The tip of the antlers has been shown to contain the most lipid proteins, which are critical for penile enlargement. The tips also contain IGF-1, which facilitates the growth of penile tissue.



  1. Enhance male sexual performance

The composition of antler velvet can facilitate penile enlargement. Longer penises have been associated with more experimental sexual experiences. Also, this extract improves the length and girth of the man’s erection for more satisfying sex.

  1. Improved blood flow and circulation

In addition to the optimal transfer of nutrients and impulses around the body, improved blood pressure translated to an improved erection. Free and ample blood flow to the penis at optimal pressure facilitates getting an erection to begin with. Good blood pressure continues to facilitate a stronger erection till ejaculation.

  1. Enhanced physical performance

Studies have shown increased power and endurance for physical exercise among people who use antler velvet extracts. The NFL ban on this supplement is due to increase in physical performance. It contains IGF-1, which is considered a supplement that boosts physical performance. This can also be applicable for a long-lasting sexual experience. The man gets the energy to perform for longer periods without burning out per use.

Antler velvet is a natural approach to enhancing male performance. There have not been any adverse side effects noted by users. It sounds like quite a safe option.



Knowledge is power. If you have been on the lookout for viable options to attain a better sexual experience, you now know better. I know for sure, not to go anywhere near Spanish Fly. Antler velvet sounds much safer. Nonetheless, if you are wary of any male enhancement technique whatsoever, it is best to consult your doctor.

Please drop us a comment with your views and feelings on the male enhancement products discussed here.

Sex Positions: Can They Affect Your Marriage?

Did you know that sex plays a significant role in your marriage? People agree to this assertion when asked but what most people do not know that sex position can also affect their marriage. Your partner’s satisfaction and yours matter during sex. Although, many people disagree that orgasm is the best part about sex but it definitely plays a big role. Relationship counselors can use your sex positions to define the state of your relationship.

Sex positions as marriage indicators

Doggie Style – This style is full of fun and adventure. Studies indicate that more men prefer this position compared to women. If both of you enjoy this position then this mean marriage adventurous. Many who chose this position as their favorite stated they enjoyed honesty in their relationship.

Missionary – This is a common sex position all over the world. It is an indication that you are comfortable with your partner. Boredom is the major risk with this position. You can combine it with other sex positions to make your sex life exciting. Women easily reach orgasm with this position but it is rather plain.

The Spoon position – It is an indicator that both of you are emotionally and physically close to one another. The couple enjoy body contact and closeness when using this position.

Female on top – Typically men like to dominate everything. The cow girl position is an indicator of compromise and submission. This position indicates the couple love each other very much and are comfortable with their sexuality.

How sex positions can affect your marriage

Sex can be a tiring activity when it does not fulfill your needs. Your woman may find some positions unfavorable for her. This may be due to lack of orgasm. You may enjoy a sex position that your partner find unfulfilling.

Biological aspect is also a factor that plays a crucial role in determining which sex positions you use. Your penis may be bigger than your partner’s vaginal canal. This means that some positions may be uncomfortable or even painful. The other side of the story is for men with small penis. There are positions that will not make sex pleasurable for your partner. Depending on which category you fall in know that sex positions may have an impact of your marriage.

Self-consciousness and preservation may play a role in which sex positions you use. Missionary is the widely used and accepted among many couples. However, there are instances that one couple suffers in silence because they have an adventurous sex spirit. Infidelity is always the case in these kind of couples because they search for sexual gratification.

Sex should not be restricted to the bedroom alone. You can get quickies and try out new positions. Just to be sure you are on the same page talk to your spouse about the sex position you want to try out. Marriage grows and sometimes the flexibility reduces to do the positions you used to enjoy.

Insight on Penile Curvature

The penis is a muscle and sometimes slight curve when there is an erection may be a regular thing. This is normal if you do not experience any form of pain or discomfort. Some individuals are born with a slight penile curvature to the right or left. When this is the case, then you have nothing to worry. Extreme penile curvature may be a symptom of Peyronie’s Disease.

Is my penile curvature Normal or Peyronie’s Disease?

The male reproductive contains blood vessels and spongy tissues. An erection occurs when blood flows into the shaft and the veins close blocking it inside. During this process, the muscles may not be symmetrical, and you can experience penile curvature.

Medical analysis indicates that 20 percent of men are born with penile curvature. This fact is attributed to the variation in the human anatomy which includes the penis structure and inherited fibrous tissue. During erection, you will not experience any pain or discomfort during sexual activity. When your penile curvature falls under these facts, then your curve is normal and may not require any treatment. However, some men result into getting treatment due to some reasons which may include self-confidence.

Peyronie’s Disease is a connective tissue disorder that can cause significant penile curvature. It can occur overnight or gradually, and it is not by any means a result of sexually transmitted diseases. Most men take Peyronie’s Disease as a death sentence and that they may lose their member. The condition may cause an upward, downward, sideways curvature, or indented. Peyronie’s Disease is a condition that is be treatable although while experiencing it you will find erections to be a nightmare because of the pain. In some cases, men suffering from Peyronie’s Disease may have trouble getting or maintaining erections. Good news is that the condition does not affect the sperm production.

The symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease include:

  • Reduced girth or length of the penis
  • Painful sensation of the penis especially during an erection (there are some cases which individuals do not experience pain)
  • Indented penis (it appears like an hour glass)
  • Significant penis curve during erection (usually downward or upward)
  • Hard lump in the penis (typically in the shaft).


Is there a treatment for Peyronie’s Disease?

There is a treatment for the condition though sometimes it is not necessary if it does not affect your sexual activities. There are also a risk to these treatments, and that is why most of the doctors opt to put the patient under observation to see if the condition worsens. Surgical or non-surgical treatments are the available treatment options.


This type of therapy works by targeting to break down the accumulation of collagen that causes the penile curvature. This reduces the penis curve, pain, and formation of lumps. The medication may involve a series of direct injection on the penile lump and oral drugs which may include vitamin E. You can also perform exercises to reduce the curve. Collagenase therapy showed significant results in the clinical trials to treat Peyronie’s Disease. Side effects is common when you use this method and you should talk to a doctor.


Surgery is usually as the last option, and men with a severe penile deformity that affects their ability to have sex the ones legible. The surgical procedure is recommended when the curvature of the penis stops. Surgery is done in three ways which are:

  • Penile implants– they are surgically inserted prosthetic device to replace the spongy tissues that receive blood during an erection. These prosthetic devices may be semi-rigid and can be bent in the desired direction.
  • Suturing– this is surgery done on the opposite side of the lump. Suturing is done by removing tissues from the unaffected area to straighten the penis. This is the safest and simple surgery to conduct in this case. It may result in shorter penis length.
  • Grafting and excision– this type of surgery is precarious and may lead to erectile dysfunction. It is done by cutting tissues from the lump to ease tension. Graft fills the gap the lump leaves when removed.

In conclusion

The penile curvature is not a sexual disorder as most people perceive it. There I no urgency of treating the penis curve if it does not affect your sexual activities because you may be risking yourself to other serious health complications such an erectile dysfunction. Consult with you doctor before using over the counter drugs that claim to treat penile curvature.

Penis Extension: Which Is the Perfect Method for You

The market is full of supplements and devices that claim to increase the penis size. The health implications that penile extension products have are diverse. This makes the authenticity of their efficiency to be questioned. Clinical trials indicate that some penile extension devices are efficient. Getting the right device for you will help you get the results you desire.

The ProExtender System

Clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of this device to increase the length of the penis. Doctors even recommend it to patients with severe penile curvature. Doctors recommend men who suffer from severe Peyronie’s Disease to treatment procedures. But is this the right method for you?

Men suffering from small penis syndrome will not find this device very helpful. Although, the device can increase your penis length and girth it is not a miracle kit. Men with small penis syndrome need penis extensions that will boost the hormonal deficiency.


Practically this device works the same way as the ProExtender system. The difference comes inconvenience. You can use this device without interrupting your daily activities. The device works by applying traction force on your penis throughout the day thus adding few inches after some time. Andromedical, the company that manufactures the AndroPenis, is the only medical company in the penis enhancement market which has obtained quality certifications for its manufactured devices.

VigRx Plus pills

Penis extension is a hot issue to men with “small penis.” Natural herbs for male sexual enhancer are the active ingredients in the manufacturing of the product. Bioperine is the main ingredient in the pills. You can use the pills for at least six months for effective results. But like many sexual enhancement pills, it increases blood flow in the male reproductive system. This pill is like the sex magic pill because it claims to holistically solve all male sexual disorders. Although there are no severe side effects, you should consult your doctor to see if it’s the right method for you.

 Side Effects

Penile extension methods in this article are effective and clinical experiments indicates them to be safe. However, there is always the rare percentage that will react to certain proven methods. No known side effects, including those related to urination, fertility, and erections, have been reported on neither ProExtender nor AndroPenis. The pills are top rated in the market.

Depending on your expectations and health condition you will know which method to use. There is the surgical penile extension, but it comes with its side effects. You may not be advised to use penile extenders such as the ProExtender System and AndroPenis because of weak penile muscles. The use of these extenders may lead to erectile dysfunction if that’s the case. You may also not be recommended to use the penile extenders pills when you have certain medical conditions.

Final take

Penis extension can boost your sexual confidence, but it will not change your personality. Women are different, and not all are into large penis size. When you decide to use penile extenders, it is better to get medical advice. It will help you choose which method will work for you with the least amount of side effects. You can use other methods such as penile exercises to improve your sex life.




Small Penis: How Does It Affect A Man?

Naturally, men have a high ego that needs to be fed over and over again. This is not bad because it helps them stretch their limits to achieve the impossible and get that ego boost. The same phenomena apply in their sex life. Men are in constant need to give their partners sexual gratification that they need. More often men associate penis size with the ability to satisfy their partner sexually. But just how much does this mentality affect the man’s life?

Psychological effects

Men who think that they have a small ‘member’ usually suffer from low self-esteem that is brought by fear. The fear of being ridiculed of shamed because of their small penis makes them withdraw from social interaction especially those that may lead to sex. The self-esteem is also likely to be a problem in the relationship because they will psychologically associate the relationship challenges with their small member.

Depression is also a psychological factor that men with small penis experience. The man is insecure about the problem, but they are not ready or willing to talk to their partner or doctor about it.  The insecurity and anxiety to perform sexually may lead to induced erectile dysfunction. Although, this may be temporary, but it may last if the psychological problem is not solved.

Does penis size matter in sexual satisfaction?

The truth of the matter is if you are not suffering from micropenis syndrome then the size does not matter. Research conducted indicated that a woman would rather feel full than penetrated deeper. To some women, the thickness of the penis is more pleasurable than the length. There are women with shorter vaginal lengths and men with increased length will be uncomfortable for them. There are some who are scared by the sight or imagination of a long penis penetrating them.

This is an indication that the penis size will depend on your partner’s preference. No scientific study indicates the bigger the penis, the more pleasurable it is.  It is all in the mind of the men that their member is too small to take their partner to cloud nine.

How to make up for the small member

More often men achieve orgasm by sexual intercourse. The primary challenge is usually to get your partner to reach orgasm. The female anatomy is unique and where you used to hit to get your ex-girlfriend to achieve orgasm is not the same with your current girlfriend or wife. The secret when you think you have a small member is to use other sex tricks to make them achieve orgasm. Once they experience orgasm, trust me your little member will never be a problem. Here are some tips to make up for the small member:

  • Master the oral sex- to be afraid to dive in and make her cum. You have to lick and suck that clit and the areas around like she owes you money. This will require you to know how to play with your tongue.
  • Be a Maestro in fingering- foreplay is the most important and intimate part of sexual activity. I tend to think it is more fun than the penetration. While you are fingering her try and feel and listen to her body response. The body communicates to us, and it will tell you when you hit the spot.
  • Try different sex positions- trying a sexual position that brings her vaginal walls close together and gives you a deeper access is likely to make her feel that your member is bigger than the sight of it suggests. You can try doggy position with your partner’s legs together.
  • Be adventurous and experiment other sexual activities such as anal sex. Men with a small penis have an advantage when it comes to experimenting anal sex with their partners.

Final Take

Finally, there are a lot of medical treatment and supplements that can increase your penis size. However, they may have a broad range of side effects than the benefit. The decision to increase your penis size is right if you discuss it prior with your partner to get their take on it. You may think they need a larger member while in reality what you have is the perfect size for them.

Pandora: Sexual Enhancer for Women

Sexual enhancement products are not exclusively for males. Female enhancement products exist in the market as well. Today, we are going to explore the product called Pandora. This female enhancement pill is so potent; it will have your toes curling from satisfaction and excitement. This pill can unleash that sexual desire hidden deep down in every woman and increase sexual gratification.

The Pandora design for the woman looking for more out of their sexual encounter. Like opening the Pandora box itself, this product is intended for the lady who is not ashamed of her sexual desires and seeks a sexual experience that leaves the entire body tingling with pleasure. This product is not recommended for those satisfied with complacent sex. Pandora is for the bold and passionate. Every woman should seek to be bold and intense, not only for her lover but herself as well. Pandora just doesn’t make you become loved and appreciated; it enables you to love YOU.

How it works

Pandora works by getting the blood flowing to the clitoris region. It enhances libido and increases sexual pleasure and ensures that obtain multiple orgasms. It uses active ingredients like Sclareolide, Epimedium, Catuaba, and SceletiumTortuosum. The beauty of this product is that all its ingredients are naturally occurring in plants from areas like Brazil. Your menstrual cycle remains the same. Artificial products and ingredients could change the reproductive functions of a woman. At the same time stimulates estrogen and progesterone effectively to ensure that your sexual appetite is high. When you are allergic to some ingredients seek your doctor’s advice before you use this product.

Pandora does not have an age restriction. However, it works best for women who have achieved menopause and are seeking to improve as well as revive their relationships. Moreover, for the aged who are usually under medication for issues such as heart conditions, diabetes, Alzheimer’s just but to mention a few; this sexual enhancement pill will not react with those medications since it is a herbal product.

You can use the product to address the most causes of low libido such as stress, depression, lack of sleep, hormonal problems, and relationship issues. However, you can help us assist you by also maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise. Drinking plenty of water and ensuring a healthy mind which can be sustained through yoga to ensure reduced stress levels.

Is it for you?

Another incredible fun fact about Pandora is that it enables you to become a sexual goddess which will not only help you keep your partner but will give you power knowing that you are irresistible now more than ever before. This is to say that since your libido is higher and your sexual cravings are more, you will be seeking a touch only your partner will want to sate.

Sex is a stress reliever and you can use Pandora to your advantage. If you are a mother trying to keep her house in order; get the family fed, children were taken to school in time, repairs were done, decor in check, house cleaned, dishes washed,  bills paid…this is for you. We know this schedule and demand of you can be stressful and that is why Pandora is here for you. Take the kids to your mother’s, relative or any close friend for a sleepover, make a scrumptious romantic meal for the both of you, get that sexy lingerie and watch miracles happen in the bedroom. You will wake up an entirely new person and completely relaxed. Conversely, if the stress symptoms persist do seek therapy for there could be an underlying issue yet to be resolved.

Final take

Needless to say, if you have been dreaming about enhancing your sexual experience, don’t imagine any longer. Try Pandora, and you could take your lovemaking to an entirely different level.


How Can You Make Your Penile Erection Cream or Oil

Firm erection is vital when it comes to sexual satisfaction for both the male and female. When the man is experiencing a weak penile erection, it can also lead to premature ejaculation. Sexual underperformance can affect the man’s self-esteem negatively and also their social interactions. It becomes a huge barrier in the relationship because everything negative in the relationship the man will associate it with their sexual performance. In most cases, the couple end is breaking up or divorce.

There are so many products on the market that promise firm erection, stamina, and penis enlargement. However, the majority of them are just scams for the companies to make profits. Strong penile erection indicates that the blood flow in the penile region is on point. The two major arteries in the male reproductive system let blood in and the vein close trapping the blood inside thus the shaft enlarging and maintain the erection. The most effective penile erection cream or oil is one that will achieve the blood flow phenomena.

First when you want to make your penile erection cream or oil at home ensure that all the ingredients are natural. You do not want to go to the doctor with a swollen penis or a penis that cannot achieve any erection as a result of synthetic ingredients.

Grapefruit essential oil

This is a natural oil that you can make at home. Grapefruit essential oil is known for its stimulation properties to promote blood circulation. Routine massage with this oil cam results to firmer and longer penile erections. Follow the following steps to make this oil:

  • Select two fresh grapefruits smooth and relatively firm skin, glass jar, and virgin olive oil.
  • Peel off the skin of the grapefruit and then scrap off the light whitish part that appears on the inner side of the skin.
  • Warm water about halfway the pan and then dip the peels for about one minute and remove them from the hot water. You can dispose of the water.
  • Take your clean glass jar and fill it halfway with virgin olive oil and then place the grapefruit peels inside and close the jar with a lid. Shake the mixture vigorously to ensure that is well mixed.
  • Place the jar in boiling water to avoid heating the mixture directly. Boil the water in a pan until it attains its boiling point and then let it warm with the jar still inside for two hours. Then take the jar from the water and place it in a cool place for about 24 hours.
  • Transfer the content from the jar into a darker shade glass bottle to preserve the Grapefruit essential oil for a longer period.

You can then use this oil to routinely massage your penis to encourage blood flow and also the oil is useful in relieving muscle fatigue. This will give you firmer and longer penile erection in the long run. In this case, we used virgin olive oil, but you can replace the oil with other natural oils such as almond oil. It also has the same benefit when you follow the same procedure.

Final Take

The penile erection cream or oils may be great to help you regain your bedroom glory. But you can supplement it with other significant aspects such as lifestyle changes to achieve maximum benefit. Smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol have an adverse effect on your erection and stamina. There are also penile exercises that you can do such as jelqing, Kegels, or penis extenders to help you be on top of your sex game. The synthetic penile erection creams or oils must be used with caution to avoid further damage to the penile tissues.




Male Extra vs. VigRX Enhancement

In women, bigger breasts and behinds have become an obsession with most of them. Maybe it is because science has pointed out that it is a symbol of attraction. Well, it is not only women who have an obsession, men as well have it. The obsession with men is the size of the penis.

And that is why there have been quite some enhancement products out there in the market that promise to give you the results that you want. An example that has been so common is the male extra and the VigRX enhancement. The two have been claimed to work wonders, and that is why in this article we want to look at which among the two will top regarding working efficiently.

To do that, we will have to look at the various ingredients of each product.

What Is Male Extra?

It is a sexual enhancement product that constitutes of the natural aphrodisiacs. Male Extra can give you a firmer and prolonged erection so as to be able to satisfy your partner sexually.

It, therefore, helps you when you have issues with erectile dysfunction which is the inability to have an erection. Part of what makes it a male enhancement substance is the presence of the vasodilators in its contents to improve penis firmness when erect.

The manufacture’s of this male enhancement product claim that it will provide you with a prolonged erection for an extended period. It will also give you a consistent increase in your penis size something which plays an important role when it comes to giving women sexual pleasure.

They also claim that you will witness an increase of up to 2.6 inches six months after using male extra. So what are the various ingredients that constitute male extra? The following are a few ingredients which are present in it

  • Niacin
  • Cordyceps
  • Pomegranate extract
  • I-methionine
  • I-arginine
  • Zinc

All of the above ingredients have a role in helping you with having an erection.

 Advantages of Male Extra

The following are some of the top benefits that you are bound to come across when you choose to use male extra as a sexual enhancement

  • This formula constitutes the vasodilators which are well known for their ability to enhance a firm erection.
  • It is also a natural formula making it safe to use and therefore chances of having side effects on your health are minimal.

Other benefits include

  • It is available for shipping internationally
  • With bulk purchases, you are sure to get discounts
  • You will have a sixty days money  back guarantee


  • You can only buy it online
  • You will mainly use it to enhance your erection rather than to get an overall enhancement
  • When you compare it to other enhancement products for men, it has a more simple formula

What Is VigRX?

It is also a sexual enhancement capsule that you can use to boost your libido and to enhance your sexual performance. This product serves to improve your erection and provide you with more stamina when it comes to sex.

Something that has earned VigRX its popularity is the clinical trial that it has undergone. The test was able to show that there is an improvement in the erection of members who used VigRX.

Aside from that they also reported having an improved sexual satisfaction. So what are these ingredients which are making VigRX very useful? The following are a few of the ingredients

  • Catuaba bark extract
  • Epimedium also is known as “horny goat weed.”
  • Damiana
  • Asian red ginseng
  • Muira puama
  • Gingko Biloba


Below are some of the benefits based on the reviews of buyers

  • Neither does it have fillers nor side effects. It is a natural formula
  • The clinical study confirms how effective it is as a  sexual enhancement product
  • The product will provide you with an overall sexual enhancement
  • When it comes to guaranteeing your money back, the manufacturers provide you with 67-days of the trial.
  • You will also have discounts when you purchase in bulk
  • The product ships internationally as well


The product has a few shortcomings as well, and they include

  • It is a little more expensive
  • You can only purchase it online
  • Many counterfeits products have come up due to the kind of popularity it has

VigRX is the option most people will go for as it caters for all your male enhancements goals. The clinical testing also makes it an option to go for as an enhancement product.







2017 Male Enhancers That Contain Viagra or Tadalafil

We all want a great sex life full of adventure and fun. But what happens when you pursue happiness, and it turns into unexpected health complications? There have been several warning by FDA that some of the over the counter (OTC) male enhancer supplements contain Viagra or tadalafil. Tadalafil and Viagra are active ingredients in most prescription supplements that treat erectile dysfunction. Without the supervision of a doctor patients taking nitrate medication for chest pains or heart problems can experience unexpected health concerns.

Most of these supplements which have to be all natural have Viagra or tadalafil as active ingredients. There have been several recalls by the FDA on male enhancer supplements that tadalafil and sildenafil. Here are supplements that may not be telling you the truth about what the active ingredients are:

#1. Yong Gang

This is a china made supplement that has gained a reputation over the years of its effectiveness. The manufacturers claim that the product is comprised of all natural ingredients. Most have beeen used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine for male sexual enhancement. Although, there was no clinical experiment to back up the safety and efficiency of this supplement. A recent study by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) indicates that this supplement may not be all natural after all. Studies suggested the supplement contains tadalafil and sildenafil which are active ingredients in prescription drugs.

#2. Alpha Male XL

This is another top selling male enhancer supplement that promises to make your sex life a paradise. But deliberately forgets to warn you of adverse impacts that it may have on you. Does the drug work? Yes it works and some consumers have given great feedback about it. However, what the company does not tell the public is the supplement contains active ingredients found in prescription drugs.

A laboratory analysis by the FDA found that Alpha Male XL contains hydroxythiohomosildenafil, aminotadalafil, aminotadalafil which is a form of tadalafil, and sildenafil. Most of these compounds are active ingredients in Viagra. However, these ingredients are not declared on the product label. The omitting of information can cause danger to a patient taking nitrate medication and people who are allergic to tadalafil.

#3. Miraculous Evil Root

Is Miraculous Evil Root as evil to the consumer health as the name suggests? This supplements that the manufacturer claims to be all natural is a sexual enhancer for both men and women. The supplement promises to last about 120 hours which is quite appealing especially when you want to impress your partner sexually. Miraculous Evil Root claims to contain natural ingredients such as Tusizi, Hyssop, Wolfberry, Niuwhip, and Sin spears among other excellent natural ingredients.

This supplement contains sildenafil which is not declared on the product’s label and is an active ingredient for prescription drugs. The scam was discovered after FDA did a laboratory analysis on the supplement. The drug is also banned in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) after they found undeclared prescription ingredients on the supplement.

#4. Weekend Warrior

This is another popular male enhancer that may not turn out to make you a warrior after all. The manufacturer has portrayed this supplements to be all natural with some unusual natural ingredients such as ginger roots and Tribulus. However, FDA laboratory tests state otherwise as the analysis indicate that Weekend Warrior contains this sildenafil which is an active ingredient in Viagra. The findings made FDA recall all these tablets and advice consumers to dispose of them because they may cause unexpected health complications.

These drugs may work and give you the results that you are looking for, but you may pay a bigger price with your health. So next time you decide to go for this male enhancer supplements be aware of the health complications that you are exposing yourself to.



Home Topical Oils to Make Penis Erect

Did you know that up to 30 million of American men have at one time had experienced or are still experiencing erectile dysfunction? The Chances of falling prey of the inability to “get it up” has also been found to increase as one continues to age.

Many men have reported the failure to get a boner as one of their biggest bedroom nightmares. It is due to this reason that there has been a booming increase of products and substances claiming to help with this condition. Some are working quite correctly while others are just out there to drain you of your money.

Even though you might be lucky to come across an active drug, the side effects might cost you. The fear of being dependent on these drugs to get an erection scares the hell out of most men. It is because of this reason that essential oils are recommended. When you are looking for home topical oils to make your penis erect. Before we jump straight to these oils, let’s first look at why essential oils are a good choice for your erectile dysfunction

Benefits of Essential Oils in Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is linked to psychological reasons. Essential oils are more efficient when it comes to treating the various mental problems including stress and anxiety. Most of the core oils contain properties ideal for treating these psychological problems.

Erectile dysfunction can also be as a result of a physical illness. The advantage that comes with using essential oils instead is because they can treat erectile dysfunction caused by a physical illness. The common causes that might be behind your inability to get an erection might include high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease, thyroid problems and cardiovascular disease. Essential oils again have what it takes to treat these issues.

Top Essential Oils for Erectile Dysfunction

There are various reasons with why an essential oil might be ranked the best when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction. You might like it because of the soothing and calming properties that it will have on you. Some would be because of improving your mood or even as a result of the healing properties.

Rose essential oil-It is a natural aphrodisiac. This oil has an aromatic scent which will play a part in boosting libido and increasing your sexual thoughts. If you have anxiety problems, this oil has dopamine in it to calm your nerves and reduce stress.

Ylang Ylang essential oil- talk of wanting to improve your feelings of sexual attraction. I would recommend you opt for this oil. It is naturally erotic oil which will increase your libido and mood.

Sandalwood essential oil- it is an excellent stress reliever and for treating depression. It is a natural aphrodisiac that serves to increase your feelings of sensuality. It also has an advantage of being a tonic for the reproductive organs.

Basil essential oil-The oil is good for you, especially if your inability to have an erection is as a result of nerves or stress. It will help to calm your nerves. Aside from that, basil oil also contributes to increasing sexual desires.

Cedarwood essential oil-For those people who have sexual performance anxiety. It is a good option among the essential oils to consider using. It has both the calming and soothing properties that you would need to help you with your inability to get an erection.

Cardamom essential oil-This oil is very sensual on top of being a natural aphrodisiac.  It is also a perfect option when you want to improve your blood circulation. As a result improving your erection.

Final Take

One of the best ways to which you can apply essential oils to your body is through your skin.  You can implement it through massaging the skin or topically through the use of sprays.