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Does Maca Enhance Libido?


Maca is a plant largely found in the mountains of Peru. It is an essential part of the local diet and has long been considered a superfood. Although the root of this plant appears to be a turnip; it actually tastes more like a potato. The Maca root is known to contain iron,  selenium, calcium, and magnesium. Stemming from the starch family this herb, as it is commonly identified, is full of proteins and fats. All of this is fine and good, but does Maca hold the magical powers of sexual healing that truly enhance sexual libido?

The History

Maca has been part of Peruvian folk lore for over 20 centuries. In Peru it has always been believed that this popular herb is beneficial for many things. It has long been utilized for medical purposes by local natives. It has long been suggested that Maca delivers extra energy and improves mental awareness. In addition, the locals believe it has always provided a boost to their sex drive, but is there any evidence to back this up?

The Studies

There have been more studies on animals than humans in an attempt to discover the true secrets of Maca. The sexual benefits of this herb has been a subject of great debate for centuries. It would seem that everyone has their own opinion on this herbs ability to boost libido or offer any sexual benefits at all. There is no conclusive evidence to support Maca as some magical love potion, but does that mean it does not help?

Sitting on the Fence Post

Everyone in the world is different. It is very difficult to believe that everyone would react the same to any herb. This subject reminds me of the magic sugar pill. If you can convince a patient that it will boost your libido; would it work? Sometimes all a person needs is self confidence; the ability to believe in themselves. I find myself sitting on the fence post on this one and could easily slip off to either side of the equation.

The Final Note

Perhaps there is no official proof that Maca boosts libido, but some studies have shown it supports problems with menopause and fertility in men. There is also no proof that this herb does not do what the Peruvians believe it does. What we do know is that Maca is not harmful and if someone believes strongly enough that it will improve their sex drive, well; there is no harm in that either.

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5 Exercises That Make For Better Sex!

exercises for better sex

Most people agree that regular exercise is good for their health, but did you know that exercise makes for better sex as well? There are numerous exercises that can be very beneficial and better prepare the body for certain sexual situations.

Today we are going to discuss 5 basic exercises that will enhance your sexual experience. Of course it is imperative that these exercises are performed correctly and on a regular basis to have the right impact. Here are 5 exercise options to consider:

1. Swimming – You may not consider swimming an exercise because it is so much fun, but it is and it can do wonders for flexibility and overall strength. Swimming also increases blood flow to all the right areas. Good sex often calls for endurance and stamina. Swimming can provide both.

2. Watching Porn – Frequently watching videos that contain pornography increase blood flow to the penis and body. Increased blood flow makes for stronger disclosures in men and orgasms in women. I recommend a special video series launched at the beginning of 2019 – Little Asians. Here miniature and cute Asian teens fuck American guys with huge cocks. Their video made a lot of noise in the media!

3. Pelvic Thrusts – Needless to say thrusting the pelvic is an essential part of sexual activity. Pelvic thrust exercises work all those important areas like hamstrings, calves, and gluts. More stamina and flexibility are benefits from this exercise.

4. Kegels – Kegels are typically associated with women and urinary issues, but they are actually beneficial to sexual activities as well. Both men and women can perform kegels. In omen strengthening the pelvic muscles leads to impeccable orgasms. In men kegels are believed to help men with premature ejaculation issues.

5. Hinge – The hinge exercise is where you rest on your knees and then bend backwards to a 45 degree angle, hold it, and then move forward and repeat. This exercise has been known to induce more staying power during sex.

Final Note

These are not the only exercises that make for better sex, but they are some of the more beneficial. Any sound exercise regiment will improve your energy levels, stamina, and overall flexibility. When you feel better about yourself you approach sex differently and the results can be amazing.

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The Sexual Relationship: Who Strays and Who Stays?

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Casual Sex: To Do or Not To Do!

Casual sex

Casual sex is often associated with “one night stands” or “booty calls.” It should be understood that casual sex does not indicate that a person sleeps with a different person every night to satisfy their sexual hunger. Casual sex is engaging in sex without committing to just one partner.

The debate surrounding casual sex has been raging for what seems like an eternity. You will find many faithful believers of the activity and just as many more to speak against it. When it comes to casual sex the question seems to be should one engage in it or not.

The Naysayers

The naysayers of casual sex have long suggested that these encounters cause serious emotional and psychological problems, but is this really the case? A recent study conducted at the University of Minnesota suggests otherwise. A study established in frigid Minnesota should be given some merit. After all, it gets very cold in the land of a thousand lakes, which causes many to seek warmth where the possibility exists. A heated sexual encounter is a sure-fire way to warm up on a cold night.

Results of the Study

Back to the study. The study established that there were no apparent proof that casual sex causes psychological disturbance of any kind. This is obviously a considerable blow to the many that believe in abstinence, but just because casual sex does not make you go crazy, is it still a good practice to pursue?

The Role of Emotions in Sex

We all should know by now that sex encountered the right way can be quite enjoyable. However, sex is more than a physical activity. Emotions play a major role in the sexual encounter as well. There are numerous factors to consider before leaping head-first into sexual activity. Let us explore the good and the bad points about casual sex.

The Good

The good thing about casual sex for many participants is the added excitement of sexual enjoyment without commitment. Whether is a “friends with benefits” situation or a by-chance encounter with someone you hooked up with at the laundromat; the idea is often to have “great sex” without the emotional ties, but is this always possible?

There are many people that want to explore their sexuality before entering a long-term commitment. Some fear that once they settle down their sex lives will be less exciting because they are limited to one partner. It is important to remember that all people do not view the world with the same eyes. Views are often guided by one’s faith or by the family structure they were raised in.

The Bad

It is not easy for most to separate emotions the sexual encounter. Sex is physical, but it is also an activity that naturally increases emotional bonding. Maybe you thought you could sleep with a friend, or a stranger and take off your emotions with your clothing, but is it really that easy? Perhaps there are those that try to cover up those emotions with alcohol or recreational drugs, but does that work for the long haul?

There is always the danger of sexually transmitted diseases during casual sex as well. The dangers of sleeping with a stranger are obvious. The lure to casual sex is understandable. However, one should stop and consider the results that may occur. If you sleep with a good friend would that change the relationship? Would you suddenly develop feelings that may not be returned?

The Final Word

Sex is not a bad thing. The way in which it is pursued can lead to a wide range of results. It is not our intention to advise readers to engage in or to not engage in casual sex. Each person must evaluate their own intentions and what they are hoping to achieve. Everyone should know their limits and cater to their own values and beliefs. The debate over casual sex will continue into the unknown realm of what is right and what is wrong. Our only advice is to pursue enjoyable sex safely and responsibly.

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Most Women Prefer The Missionary Position

Missionary position

In a recent study 45% of the women polled claimed that their favorite sexual position is missionary. On the other hand the majority of men rank it at #3. Everyone’s sexual preference is going to vary to some extent, but it seems like the old classic is still rocking someone’s boat.

Why Some Women Love The Missionary Position

It is easy to see why many women prefer the missionary position. This position makes for excellent eye contact. Bonding is an essential part of the love making process for women. They yearn for that intimate contact where the focus is as much on attraction as it is sexual satisfaction. Most women want to gaze into the eyes of their lover and the missionary position highlights that desire.

Why Men Don’t Like It As Much

Many men enjoy the missionary position as well and for many of the same reasons. The problem is it is not the most comfortable position for men. In traditional form it can be awkward. However, there is something hot about the opportunity to be on top and in control. Most men seem to prefer the woman on top, not because they are lazy, but because there is something sexy about the woman being in control. Men also prefer  “doggie style” over the missionary position. It is all about the sexual stimulation.

No Wrong or Right Answer

Whether the missionary position is good or bad is in the eye of the beholder. The man can create different sensations in the missionary position by simply making a few adjustments. He can try lifting her legs high or lifting one leg at a time. He can open the legs wide or hold them together. He can also thrust from different angles. The right position is the one that satisfies.

Final Word

The missionary position is an old classic and will continue to stand the test of time as a favorite sexual position. There is something sensual and intimate about the position that cannot be ignored. It may not be the most comfortable position of all for either the man or woman, but the bonding opportunities are immense and the thrusting ability can be superb and those are very important factors to most.

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Foreplay That Will Drive Her Over The Edge!

Sexual foreplay

The secret to a memorable sexual experience for women is foreplay. Women enjoy being teased and touched until they are boiling over with anticipation. Every man should enter the sexual encounter with the sole purpose of getting his woman to this level of ecstasy.

Most men engage in some type of foreplay prior to jumping in head first. It is not my intention to disregard any methods that may be deemed effective on their part. My only objective is to provide some additional options that may boost the sexual experience. Here are 5 foreplay ideas that are almost certain to driver her over the edge increasing her sexual desire and leading to the sexual promised land.

Foreplay with the clothes still on – Does this method seem foreign to you? It should not. There is something sexy and arousing about taking her over the edge with her clothes still on. Take dry humping for example. Many women can experience extreme sexual satisfaction through this action. In actually, women can reach numerous orgasms without every removing a piece of clothing. However, if you really want to drive her wild use it as foreplay and lead her to the edge and make her want you even more.

Spontaneous Touching – Touching a woman spontaneously can send erotic messages her throughout the day. Sneak in an erotic touch in public places where sex is normally out of the question. Make her think about it. Make her want it knowing that she will have to wait to get it. Don’t embarrass her. Be discreet. Simply slide your hand or fingers nearby areas that might boost her sexual awareness and then leave her hanging with a sensual smile and visions of things to come.

Foreplay Using Massage – Massage has always been an effective form of sexual foreplay. However, it has to be administered with a sensual goal in mind. The objective is not to send her into a deep sleep, but to awaken her sexual desire. As erotic as it may appear the massage should not begin with her on her back. Have her lay comfortably on her stomach and avoid looking to eager to dive right into the juicy areas. Slide your hands erotically close to senuous areas without making contact. It is all about building to the payoff.

The Neck and Foreplay – The neck of a woman is very sensual. Most women are instantly aroused when their man kisses them gently across their shoulders and onto their neck. Doing this from behind can often enhance the excitement. Kissing her all over her neck lightly and then more sensually will get her motor running and increase the intensity of her passion.

Touchless Foreplay – You may be thinking how not touching could be a form of foreplay. You would be surprised how far a sexy note left on her pillow will lift her spirits. Writing a short intimate message on the bathroom mirror with lipstick or leaving an erotic note for her in her pocket when she goes to work. These actions show that you are thinking about her and it will cause her to think about you all day as well as she anticipates the sexual adventure that awaits.

The Final Word

There are numerous ways to engage in foreplay, Although every woman is different if you approach these foreplay methods seriously they will surely have a positive impact on your sexual experience. I encourage all men to use sexual foreplay as an effective tool to drive their women over the edge until their needs require full and immediate compensation.

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Around half of the men over the age of 40 in the United States suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction. Some are unable to obtain a full erection and others cannot become aroused at all. Many issues can lead to problems with ED including health issues, stress and depression. ED can strike before and after the age of 40 and can cause a male to question their manhood.

Many men won’t discuss these problems because they are embarrassed making it harder to find a remedy. Fortunately, there are some effective treatments and care that can be provided for those dealing with erectile dysfunction. It all begins with communication, either with a medical professional or someone they trust and love.

The Magic Pills

Although Viagra, Cialis and Levitra may not be the producers of “magic pills” it is safe to say their products have provided amazing results for many suffering from ED. These remedies are only available by prescription and their effects seem to differ. Some are able to gain an erection sooner than others and some keep it for a lot longer, but overall these products have left a positive mark on sexual enhancement for ED sufferers.

Changes in Lifestyle

Stress and depression are both adamant contributors to erectile dysfunction. Sometimes a change in lifestyle can make a substantial difference. Dieting and exercise along with a positive outlook can prove to be effective remedy.


Alprostadil is a medication is one of the many options in ED treatment. Like most treatments it increases more blood flow to the penis and causes an erection.

Natural Remedies

There are numerous natural remedies available on the market today. Although many have not been clinically tested and approved by the FDA; some have still delivered exceptional results. We have reviewed some of these products on our erectile dysfunction pills  and on our enhancement pills pages. Some of the natural ingredients included in these products are Yohimbe Bark Supplements, Horny Goat Weed, Arginine, Flax seed and vitamins C & E. These products are worth exploring further.

Other Treatments

Other treatments include penile implants, surgery, vacuums, hormonal therapy and testosterone replacement. It is best to consult a medical professional to determine which treatment would be most effective.

The Final Word

People need to experience sexual pleasure much more than some realize. It is a great stress reliever and a unique opportunity to bond with the significant other. Studies have shown that couples that engage in sex several times a week tend to live longer lives. When a male can no longer engage in sexual intercourse with their partner because of erectile dysfunction it presents an immediate and unrelenting void in their life. Seeking the right treatment is essential for the individual and the overall sexual relationship.

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Dispeling Erectile Dysfunction Myths

ED myths and facts

There are myths abound about erectile dysfunction. ED is the inability to obtain an erect penis for sex. We thought we would take this time to dispel some of those myths and provide you with a better understanding of the issue. Before you get caught up in legend and folklore here are a few things you should know about this issue which effects more than 30 million American men. It is a problem that cannot be ignored It will not go away on its own and it is certainly nothing to be ashamed of.


Only old men live with erectile dysfunction!

This could not be further from the truth. Erectile dysfunction can apply to any male regardless of his age. It is true that the older you get the more likely you will experience an issue with impotence, but younger men can experience it as well. More than half of those inflicted are between the ages of 40 and 70.


Men have problems with erectile dysfunction because they are not aroused by their partner!

Men experience problems with ED for many reasons, but this is not typically one of them. It is more likely that stress, hormonal imbalance, depression or disease is the culprit for the inability to become sexually aroused.


Men with ED must take pills for life!

Not true. Actually there are many treatment options including injections. In many cases treating the conditions causing the ED can lead to success. Things like losing weight and eliminating smoking can play a significant role in treating ED symptoms.


Wearing “tighty whities” leads to ED!

There is no verified medical research at this time to validate that tight underwear causes ED.


Men with ED lack libido!

A lack of sexual desire may exist with men experiencing problems with ED, but this is because the men may feel uneasy about engaging in sex with the condition.


ED is not dangerous to your health!

Although ED itself is not dangerous to personal health, the conditions causing the ED may be. Heart disease and Diabetes are two known health issues that trigger ED. It is best to check with your doctor to ensure you are in good health.

The Final Word

Yes, there are many myths about ED that continue to ascend into legend. The facts may be less exciting, but they are important to know. If you are experiencing problems with ED it is important that you find out what is causing the problem. It could be health related, daily stress or depression. Detecting the cause is the first step to successful remedies. We hope we have dispelled some of the ED myths for you today.

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Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is no laughing matter. It is a serious condition that plays havoc on the emotions of many men and can cause serious relationship problems. Any man can suffer some form of erectile dysfunction, but it is believed that some 10 to 15 million of the 30 million American men affected are between the ages of 40-70. Age alone does not cause E.D. Impotence is caused by many things. We will discuss some of those causes here and now.

The Erection

An erection is formed when a man becomes aroused and blood rushes into the penis. There are problems that can affect nerves and blood flow resulting in erectile dysfunction. It is a fine combination of muscles, hormones, nerves and emotions. Problems can be physical in nature or they can be psychological. By knowing what causes E.D. we can discover ways to prevent it. Men should not feel less than a man because of erectile dysfunction. However, they should pursue possibilities that will treat and remedy the situation. Here are some of the things that cause E.D.

Physical causes include:

Diseases – Heart disease and Diabetes are serious contributors to erectile dysfunction. High blood pressure, obesity and high cholesterol are culprits as well. Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis have also been known to lead to symptoms of E.D.

Nicotine – Smoking is certainly a promoter of E.D because blood flow is restricted.

Medications – A variety of medicines used to treat many of the conditions listed above can result in problems with erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone – Low testosterone levels will also affect the ability to have a hard erection.

Psychological causes include:

Anxiety – That feeling of anxiousness that won’t go away.

Depression – That feeling of helplessness and uselessness.

Stress – The overwhelming stress that seems to crush you in its grips.

The Final Word

Most people are aware of the infatuation men have with their penis. The conversation in reference to size and the ability to retain the erection is long and legendary. When a man cannot get an erection at all his emotions go on a binge. He may feel less of a man if he is unable to engage in sexual intercourse with his partner. Fortunately, there are some remedies to this problem on the market. In our next post we will discuss the various methods of treatment and hopefully instill some hope into those men who see no light at the end of the tunnel.

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5 Interesting Sex Survey Revelations

sexual behavior survey

Most people would like to believe they are sufficiently versed on issues surrounding sex. However, is that really true. When it comes to sex in the relationship there are always new horizons to explore. Teams are conducting specialized research on women and men every day and new information is steadily becoming readily available. Here are some interesting tidbits that have come to light in recent research studies:

1. On the average a couple will engage in sex around 66 times a year. With couples in their 30’s that number increases over 100, while couples over the age of 50 say it steadily declines.

2. A recent study on women and men concluded that women prefer and enjoy oral sex more than the average male.

3. Most people know stress is bad for overall health, but did you know it can reduce penis size as well. It is true.

4. Women over the age of 50 are more likely to reach an orgasm outside the relationship. That is a bit discouraging.

5. Regardless of penis size or endurance most women require clitoral stimulation to reach full orgasm.

DadCrush – example bad girls with big problems!

Take DadCrush as one. It’s about naughty step-daughters and ther stepfathers. Big tits, big behind and teen approach to life. Know such babes? They are very young and always ready to help stepdaddy cum! First they will make him a Blowjob, and the next day they will prepare a wet and tight pussy for a big dick!

Final Word

Although these areas have been extensively researched it does not mean they describe your sexual relationship. These facts are as much sexual theory as they are truly prevalent. As research continues more information will be revealed. Nevertheless, it is our own responsibility to conduct our own research in our sexual relationship. Through trial and error and open communication there is no limit to the knowledge we can accumulate about sex within our own relationship. Let the research begin!

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