Male Extra vs ProSolution Pills

Male Extra Pills are also commonly compared to ProSolution Pills. ProSolution is also an herbal supplement, however, it must be used along with the “Erection System” exercise program for maximum results.

When it comes to Male Extra and ProSolution Pills there are many similarities that can be confusing to prospective clients. This review will compare the different expected results, ingredients, money back guarantee, side effects, prices, shipping costs, place of manufacture and bonuses included.

The results of each product include similar effects of: bigger ejaculations, longer more intense orgasms, more frequent erections, and more stamina. Male Extra has the extra listed benefit of better orgasms for both partners.


Male Extra likes to use natural ingredients and they include the following: pomegranate 70% ellagic for erection hardness, Muira Pauma 150mg for sexual arousal, L-Arginine is an essential amino acid for hard erections, MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 100mg fro overall penis health, Epimedium Sagittatum 50mg to increase blood flow, Tongkat Ali 20:1 extract 50mg to increase sexual desire, Flaxseed 50mg which increases sperm health and blood flow, Maca 25mg to boost sex drive, L-Methionine 25mg for ATP level increases, Cordyceps 5mg which improves sexual energy and desire and Omega 3 Fatty Acid 25mg which is vital to growth and sexual health.

ProSolution Pills has an extensive ingredients list that includes: solidilin to improve sexual motivation, taj and safflower for encouraging blood flow, momordica which reduces body fat and increasing testosterone levels, apigenin and amla for the health of your sex organ, arjuna for body pacing, cordyceps which increases testosterone, zinc for sperm motility and quality, reishi mushroom for stamina and energy, shatavari to aid with impotence, drilizen which prolongs erections and bladderwrack to promote thyroid health.

Money Back Guarantee

For a refund of Male Extra you are required to purchase and try at least and 90 day supply of supplements. Within 180 days you can return the product with any full or empty boxes you have purchased. In contrast ProSolution pills should be used for 90 days and returned within 6 months from original purchase to get a full refund less shipping costs.


For a comparison of costs, the following is true for Male Extra: 12 months 458.95, 6 months 298.95, 5 months 268.95, 4 months 228.95, 3 months 198.95, 2 months 148.95, and 1 month 75.95. In comparison, ProSolution Pills: 12 months 388.95, 6 months 268.95, 5 months 248.95, 4 months 228.95, 3 months 188.95, 2 months 138.95, and 1 month 78.95. Both options include free shipping but have undisclosed manufacturing countries.

Free Bonuses

The bonuses included are also very interesting. Male Extra offers free shipping, penis health online access and a penis health DVD whereas ProSolution Pills has bonuses based on the amount of supply you purchase including: volume pills exclusive memberships for all purchases, 4 months or more erection system website access, prosolution pills members area access, 5 months or more box of volume pills semen enhancer and for 12 months supply box of genfx hgh releaser.

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