Semenax vs Volume Pills

Penis volume enhancers are used to generate longer and more enjoyable orgasms. They are specifically formulated to increase the amount of semen produced during sex which also increases the duration of an erection.

If you are trying to increase your sperm volume then you are probably giving a lot of consideration to two well known products: Semenax or Volume pills. In order to make an informed decision, this comparison will review the product results, ingredients, money back guarantee, side effects, pricing, place of manufacture and any product bonuses.

To start with Semenax results are an increased semen volume and longer orgasms. For volume pills the user will find an increase in semen volume, increased sexual desire, and an increase in sexual stamina.


When it comes to ingredients Semenex uses: swedish flower for virility, l-argenine hcl for fertility, l-lysine which improves sperm quality, epimedium sagittatum to boost libido, zinc oxide to boost sperm quality, l-carnitine to increase motile sperm, catuaba bark to nourish the body, pumpkin seed for hormone production, maca for libido and energy, vitamin e for sexual health, zinc aspartate for health of sexual organs, pine bark extract for erectile dysfunction, muira puama for libido increase, hawthorne for the cardiovascular system, cranberry extract for the prostate, tribulus terrestris improving testosterone, avena sativa extract for arousal, and sarsaparilla for fertility.

In contrast volume pills have a list that includes: solidin for sexual motivation and pleasure, Xi lan rou gui and Hong hua fen for blood flow, ki gua to boost testosterone, 4′, 5, 7- Trihydroxyflavone and Embilica officinalis for healthy sexual organs, san guo mu for pacing and control, Dong Chong Xia Cao to increase sexual motivation, zinc oxide for sexual vigor increase, ling zhi for sexual stamina and energy, xian mao and ancient aphrodisiac, tian men dong for impotence, drilizen for increased testosterone, fucus vesiculosus for penis enhancement, and tribulus terrestris to boost testosterone.

Money back guarantee

In terms of a money back guarantee, you have a 67 day period to return any Semenax you did not use as long as you bought a 60 day trial box. For volume pills there is a 6 month period you can return the product even if you have used it all for a full refund less any shipping costs.


When it comes to costs Semenax pills has the following pricing structure: 12 months 399.95, 6 months 289.95, or 3 months 154.95. Volume pills have more pricing options that are: 12 months 348.95, 6 months 250, 3 months 160, 2 months 110, or 1 month 65. Neither websites specify shipping costs or manufacturing origin.

Free Bonuses

Finally, the bonuses offered may sway you on a choice between the two enhancement supplements. Semenax offers discounts according to the number of months supply purchased. Volume pills offer bonuses if you purchase more than 6 months supply that include free members area access, erection system website access, and box prosolution pills.