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VIVAXA Offers Staying Power!


There are many men out there who are seeking a sexual enhancement product that will provide them with the extra staying power they desire. With so many options on the market these days it is hard to know what works and what does not. Some products live up to their hype, while others fail to answer the call. One of the topic oil sexual enhancer products making waves is Vivaxa.

Vivaxa is a enhancement product manufactured by Barmensen Labs. The product suggests that it can allow the male to last longer during sex without ejaculating. Of course, the longer the male can go before the ejaculation, the more opportunity to satisfy their partner. A man’s sexual prowness is often judged by his ability to hold off that ejaculation. Vivaxa is supposed to reduce the sensitivity areas of the penis to prolong the ejaculation period.

The ingredients in Vivaxa are designed to provide the user with enhanced stamina and energy. A few of the major ingredients in this product are Peptide 171 and Calmosensine. The Calmosensine helps to reduce sensitivity, while the Peptide 171 offers a rock hard erection. The oil is soaked up by the skin instantly, and is not supposed to reduce female sensitivity in the process.

As it is with many problems, the individual has to accept that the problem exists, and therefore needs a resolution. No one wants to be called a two minute man, but facing up to the problem is the first step on the road to recovery. All indications would be that Vivaxa can live up to the expectations it so proudly suggests making it a sexual enhancement topical oil worth looking into.