Better Sex

The Vibrator’s Stimulating History

Can you believe that the vibrator was first introduced to the world over 144 years ago? It is true that a doctor first created this beloved item for women in 1869. The dog has long been thought to be a man’s best friend, but the vibrator could easily be a women’s. This sex toy has been there when women needed it most and the vibrator never cheats.

As time progressed vibrators became more popular in the 1880’s as technology improved. The early models consisted of steam-powered and hand -cranked devices. Eventually battery-powered vibrators were introduced to the market. These were followed by electric models as well. When electric devices were invented like toasters and sewing machines, the vibrator followed quickly.

In The Beginning

Doctors introduced vibrators for use in spas in the beginning, but soon they could be found in the common cure-all magazines of the time. Even over a century ago doctors realized the value of a good orgasm. A woman could experience self-satisfaction with a vibrator that could reduce stress and leave her filling totally relieved.

These devices were quite popular until the pornography market began using them for graphic sex toys in the 1920’s. From that point on vibrators became the sexual outlaw device that had lost the respect of the proper lady. By the 1970’s the sexual revolution gave the vibrator a boost in popularity once again.

Vibrators Today

Today there is an unlimited choice of options for vibrators. They can be found in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Modern technology has even given us the sonic powered vibrator. A women can now enjoy the vibrator of her dreams that will come in her choice of color, size and power origin. Millions of these devices have found a safe home in the bedroom drawer or somewhere in a women’s purse.

The Final Word

For nearly a century and a half the vibrator has delivered endless moments of heightened satisfaction to women around the world. This is one device no woman should be without if she wants to enjoy the pleasure of a personal sexual encounter.