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Reasons Why Women Should Masterbate Often

Masturbation seems to be a very private topic for many women. Many men openly admit they masturbate on a regular basis. Although many women masturbate regularly, many will also deny that they engage in such activity. Why is this the case?

Is This Another Double Standard?

It is accepted that many men masturbate. This does not seem to surprise or to offend anyone, nor does it alter our world as we know it. Why is it so taboo to think that a woman could enjoy this sexual activity as well? Perhaps it is not a double standard, but simply that women are more emotional when it comes to sex than are most men.

Why Some Women Won’t Masturbate

Why some women masturbate and some don’t can depend on many things. It could derive from cultural and religious differences. Many women feel guilty if they indulge in sexual self pleasure. Other women simply feel it a waste of their time when there are plenty of men biting at the bit to provide the service for them.

Why Women Should Masturbate

Believe it or not there are several good reasons why women should masturbate that include:

1. Getting To Know You – As a woman you should know better than anyone else in the world what makes you feel good during the sexual encounter. By exploring your own genitalia you can learn what works and what does not. If you are one of the more than 10% of women who have trouble achieving an orgasm than masturbation may be the answer to your problem.

It is believed that over 10% of women fail to reach an orgasm during intercourse. Sometimes there are physical or emotional issues that rise as the culprit. However, there are many occasions when the sexual partner is not taking you where you need to go. He may need some direction and you are just the one to provide him with instruction from the lessons learned through masturbation.

Women should masturbate using their fingers to determine which technique drives them wild and takes them to the most explosive orgasm. They can use sex toys such as vibrators to enhance the activity.

2. Masturbation Is Good For Your Health. It is commonly understood that sex can reduce stress and tension experienced in our daily lives. It can also help you sleep more sound and make you feel less depressed by the concerns around you. Women that masturbate regularly suggest that they are in much better tune with their inner being through the art of masterbation.

3. Create A Sexier You. When a woman masturbates she creates a valuable bond with her body. Not only can exploring your genitals make you feel better it can also make you feel much sexier. The boost in your confidence could be noticed by you and your partner. You will enhance your opportunity in achieving a more satisfying orgasm as well.

The Final Word

Many men love to watch their woman masturbate. It is simply sexy and exciting and gives their libido a super octane boost. this can be a very effective tool in foreplay. More importantly, as a woman you will learn how satisfying it is to know that you can please yourself very effectively when the need arises.

Masturbating can help to reduce your stress, tension, depression and sleep issues. You will slowly become more excited about sex and the rewards that can be enjoyed by participating in the sexual encounter. You can make your partner a better lover by showing them what really rings your bell, which should lead to the orgasms of your dreams.

Give masturbation a chance and chances are you will get to know yourself better, find a fantastic way to enjoy a great orgasm and enhance your sexual encounters.