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Testosterone: Managing The Male Mojo

There comes a time in most men’s lives when they begin to slow down a little bit in the sexual relationship. We just don’t seem to have that ‘get up and go’ we once had. This can often be attributed to age, medication, injuries and lifestyle, but it can also be a problem with our testosterone levels.

The Male Mojo

Good testosterone levels are very important in the overall scheme of things. We men depend greatly on our male mojo. We need it to follow our primal instincts and perform like super heroes in the bedroom. It is the secret serum that courses through our veins and ignites passion and desire. When that mojo drops significantly the beast can fail to live up to expectations and the sex life can suffer.

Low Mojo Symptoms

When testosterone levels take a dive we tend to be more tired, depressed, moody and can experience erectile dysfunction issues and little or no sex drive. As men we begin to feel we have lost our ability to please our women and the pressure we put on ourselves is nothing less than unbearable.

When the mojo gets low our sex drive takes a hit. We may trouble getting or sustaining an erection. We may feel tired, irritable and even depressed. In addition, we may find it hard to focus. All of this can lead to low self esteem. We are lost without our mojo.

Managing The Mojo

There are many steps we can take to boost our testosterone levels naturally. We can schedule 8 hours sleep per night to get the rest our bodies need. We can exercise and make lifestyle changes that will boost our health, and therefore our mojo. If we believe we may be suffering from low testosterone we need to see our medical professional. They can take some blood and measure our mojo levels. Typically, a normal measurement is considered to be between 300-100 nanograms per deciliter.

Your doctor can help you to determine if Testosterone Replacement Therapy is right for your situation. They can explain the side effects and the benefits. Sometimes our mojo just needs a boost to get us back to where we need to be. The important thing here is that we don’t allow low mojo or the stress from our hectic daily lives to cause us grief. Life is too short, and sex can be too fun to allow low testosterone to throw us off track.