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Are You And Your Penis Ready For Male Enhancement?

I know we just recently discussed erectile dysfunction and all the anxieties that engulf a male over the size of his penis. In that discussion I mentioned briefly that there were a variety of male enhancement techniques & products out there for those wishing to check them out. Today I want to take that discussion a little bit further and ask every male out there considering some type of male enhancement option a heartfelt question. Are you and your penis really ready for one of these male enhancement products or procedures?

The Male Fascination With Their Penis

Allow me to briefly recap the serious, but needless, anxieties that many men tend to take about the size of their best friend – the Penis. Listen, I realize that our penis has been our playmate since the preteen era and that we rely on our buddy to perform above and beyond the call of duty when called upon, but what are we willing to do to get dick in the shape we want?

It is not my intention to use this time with you to bash any particular sexual enhancement product, technique or procedure. I simply want to discuss the possibilities and inspire you to think before you put your penis on the line. Here are some of the sexual enhancement options many men seek out to grow their penis into a monster:

Pills & Creams

Again, I am not out to judge here, merely to inform. There are many different sexual enhancement pills & creams on the market. Some make some pretty hefty claims that they can provide extremely positive results in length and girth. All I am going to say is this about Pills & Creams. If the studies were conclusive and they were guaranteed to work, than the anxiety over penis size would no longer exist. It could be that the biggest benefactor of these products is those that produce them. However, this is a decision you have to make on your own. All I ask is that you do your homework on the product and the manufacturer before you jump in head first.

Penis Exercises

I am all for exercises being performed to enhance sexual enhancement as I covered in my last blog entry, but are penis exercises the answer to your problem. I don’t need to tell you men that our penis is a very sensitive area. As much as we may have it in our head that our penis is not up to size, that is no reason to stretch and beat him senseless. However, if men want to pursue this option there are a variety of penile exercises you can try to see if they work for you.


Penis pumps are used to basically draw more blood to your penis through a vacuum process to enhance your erection. As pleasant as this procedure sounds it should not be compared with a powerful blowjob. Many men have complained that this method can be extremely painful and the pain lasts a while. Again I ask you, is it worth it for even the slightest size increase?

Surgeries For Penis Enhancement

As I mentioned in previous articles I am reluctant to use the word ‘scalpel & penis’ in the same sentence. The thought does not make my penis grow, it makes it shrink in fear. However, many thousands of men have had some type of penis enhancement surgery over the last quarter of a century.

The procedure typically calls for the severing of the suspensory ligament in your penis, which is than reconnected in a way that enhances the penis length. Once this is done the surgeon will remove fat from your ass or abdomen and inject it into your little buddy. The clinical studies are still out on the effectiveness of this surgery. Obviously, this is a very expensive option that should be discussed with your doctor.

The Wrap Up

I don’t want to talk you out of any of these sexual enhancement options. I just want you to choose carefully and consider these tidbits:

1. Many women say penis size does not matter.
2. Some of these sexual enhancement options can get expensive
3. Some of these techniques and procedures can be painful and in this case pain does not always mean gain.
4. Many doctors will not recommend surgery unless your penis size is 3 inches or less erect. If you are between 5 and 6 inches you are average. You don’t need 8 to 10 inches to please a woman.
5. Taking care of yourself physically and psychologically will enhance your confidence in yourself and your ability to be manly in the bedroom.

Work on your self esteem, your confidence and have faith in the sexual attributes you do possess. Many women say they are drawn to confident men more than they are to penis size. Are you ready to put you and your penis through the penis enhancement process? Think about it..