Better Sex

Having Sex On Your Terms

As a women in our society, as unfair as it may be, your sexual behavior can often be much more scrutinized than men. If men have sex with a different woman every night they are considered studs, but if a woman has sex with a different man every night she is considered by many to be a slut. Of course this is cave man thinking, but that dinosaur type attitude sadly still exists. The bottom line is it is nobody’s business how often you have sex or whom you have it with. It is your body, your life and you should do what makes you happy and content.

Now I am not saying a woman or a man should have sex with a different partner every night. What I do want to say though is that as a woman you can have sex on your own terms and not come off as being sexually taboo. Believe it or not it is you that controls the sexual encounter. You should not let a man, regardless of how attracted to him your are; determine when you are going to come off with the goods. There is nothing wrong with making your man wait until you are ready.

Entirely too often in our society young women give into sex because they are afraid they are going to lose their dream guy. Here is the thing. If he is really a dream guy then he will respect you and wait until you feel comfortable enough to engage in the sexual encounter. This especially comes into play if you are one of the many high school age girls who are confronted with this proposition on an ongoing basis. Even as a mature woman should not be held prisoner to social pressure when it comes to sex.

The sexual encounter should be a special time between two people who are ready emotionally as well as physically for the activity. It is a bonding time between two people that should be respected. This is not to propose in any fashion that you should not have sex everyday if that is what makes you happy, but do so on your terms. You can set the tone, you can be the aggressor, and you can decide if you want to engage in sexual activity or not.

Practicing safe sex on your terms is not a privilege; it is your right. We all enjoy great sex with the person we are attracted too. We all should follow our own heart and our own common sense when it comes to engaging in sexual activity. Sometimes we let our libido cloud our minds and sometimes we just give in to our sexual desire. Regardless of what you decide when it comes to sex; just make sure you have it on your terms.